Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Anticipation is Always Bad

I'm definitely going to screw something up by doing this. How many times tonight has my mind flashed ahead to tomorrow after work, and my plans to stay up and go to the early staff meeting? Way too many, so something's going to happen. Either I'll fall asleep before 8, or will go there and find they've rescheduled to have everybody meet at once in the afternoon since there are only four names (including mine) underneath the 9am time slot, or it'll rain on the way there, or I won't be able to get breakfast from McDonalds, or something else I'm not considering. Actually, I know what might happen. Brandon paid me back the money he owed today, so I now have $220 waiting to be deposited. My plans for the time being were to take care of that on Tuesday morning at one of the two Canada Trusts between here and Taco Bell, but it could be stolen before then (either in whole or in part), or the inside part of the bank might not be open and I'm not about to trust the ATM for anything beyond making withdrawals and checking my balance, even though the latter is something I do mostly online these days. I don't know what'll happen, but if I don't stop this anticipation soon, it won't be long before I find out.

In effort to get away from that, I like these figures. It's only the middle of the month - with Adam gone at that - and our total internet usage is already just over 200GB. George and I had a few minutes to talk today, during which I informed him of how his torrents were doing, and got to hear how he was planning to get an external drive from Future Shop, but they're not on sale anymore so he has to wait longer. Although now that I'm thinking of getting to work earlier, that was quite something. Know how it feels when you walk into a sauna? That's quite seriously what it was like outside. The heat was actually thick, I want to say (it felt like I was walking through it as opposed to into), and I wish I'd looked at the weather before leaving, because I'm pretty sure there would've been a smog advisory. But then I got to work, sat down, and had to deal with the same conditions for about twenty minutes before everything changed. By that point George had arrived, so he and I were both sitting up against the fence, when suddenly there was a big gust of wind that blew pine needles all over us, and a change from sauna conditions to a pleasant fall afternoon in a mere moment. And then the rain came, which was fun because I stayed outside for a little while longer to enjoy it, but then it started coming through the trees, so I went inside and got ready to work. It was quite enjoyable, but the only way I'd ever repeat it again is if I knew walking to work in such heat and humidity would be rewarded with a sudden cold front and onset of rain.

Also, going back to the beginning of that paragraph again, George's downloads probably would finish alot quicker if I didn't have my own things going. This time, it / they are all the seasons of the Pokemon anime that are available, which currently goes up to 12. I can't remember any more what prompted me to find torrents, but they're fun to watch <3 Moreso because I have a quicksearch set for this site so I can easily look up episode details, then get sidetracked reading other pages that look interesting, and spend a fair amount of time doing something relatively new. I notice how reading those related pages of interest and whatnot has given me the incredible urge to play through one of the DS games as well, so maybe once I finish Picross DS, I'll actually turn Tales of Innocence off and work through either HeartGold or SoulSilver. Maybe.

But just for tonight, I'm off to finish a few more puzzles and keep myself awake until 8 again. I went straight through until then last night without even realizing it, so the same could happen a second time. At least I hope so~

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