Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Fatigue = Loss of Concentration

Whether due to me still being awake at this time of the morning or some other factor I can't put my finger on, I'm having the hardest time starting this entry and keeping it going. The most logical place to start would be the staff meeting though, so let's begin there.

Just pulling a random figure out of my head, 30 people work at Taco Bell, not including the management. A whole three of them made it to the early meeting (of which I was one), and as such the proceedings were... laid back, to say the least. Ang sat over in the corner and looked bored most of the time, Orlando listened but didn't say much until we'd finished, and I asked more than enough questions to prove that we were in fact listening, and not completely out of it. I have to say it's quite a relief knowing I don't have to go there later too. No matter what time I finally nod off, I can't sleep past 5 because I work another supper shift on Wednesday, then have to be up bright and early again on Thursday to go for a haircut. The timing of these events is all too coincidental, but at least I've been expecting the latter two. Anyways, I also went to the bank on my way out, so that $220 is deposited, and I've just yet to log into Easyweb, as the receipt I was given only showed the deposit, and not my current balance. All in all it's kind of funny how I was so worried about anticipating this morning eventually causing problems, only for nothing to happen, but as should go without saying, I prefer it that way.

Well, it was a bit too sunny for my liking on the way home, and if that rule about 15 minutes outdoors resetting one's internal clock is true, I'll be up well through the afternoon. I can feel myself getting more tired by the moment though, so maybe 11:30, if not noon. Actually, now that I think of it, this could be like the end of a day trip. I've had to stay awake significantly longer than normal, and have nothing of great importance to do tomorrow, but this time I can be satisfied knowing I've just come home from work as opposed to a trip that may or may not have started well. That reunion at Uncle Brent's is rapidly approaching, but at this point, my mind is still made up the same as before - I'd rather work. Or have the night off, if possible, but working would eliminate feeling guilty about staying home when there was nothing to stop me from going.

Yeah. I think this entry is going to end up being much shorter than normal, because now this, which coincidentally is something else that usually happens on a trip, is happening. I keep nodding off just barely, so my eyes go blurry and I try to open them as wide as possible, so I might just lay down and worry about that balance checking and other fiddling about in uTorrent until tomorrow. It's now getting to the point where I can't even remember things I've just typed (or thoughts I just had). Bedtime now. Perhaps I'll have a new response about my story when I wake up. At last notice, the wordcount was up to ~4,500, and I'm still being particular as ever. Although I have noticed how the last thing I mentioned about both drafts was how the final couple sentences need to be fleshed out more. One involved a statue, and the other involves several other statues, but that's all I can (and should say). One can only guess how this is going to look and read when I wake up in the afternoon~

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