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Bugs are Crawling Everywhere

Here's another fun observation about staying up much later than normal. Ever since 12, this past night has felt like one from back when I wasn't used to staying up until at least 6am, and usually didn't have anything to do as such. I would even go so far as to say it's like the first few weeks back when I'd just started working were. Coming home at ~5 in the morning, and literally going straight to bed, or as things were before I got a job, not being able to stay up past ~2 without getting really tired, and feeling like the night was never going to end, and the sun was never going to come up if I had to stay awake past that. Trying to force myself to fall asleep, leading to laying in bed for hours at a time, punctuated only by getting up to go to the bathroom. Yeah. Hardly fond memories, but that's why I'm glad I can see it getting lighter outside, and know I'll be going to bed soon. Oh, and as for the title, the tiniest space between the hole in my window screen and plastic bag I was using to plug it has allowed an untold number of mosquitoes and another variety of ugly insect to enter my room. I've been swatting them all night, but apparently sleep was more on my mind when I started writing.

I can't remember what time I fell asleep this morning. Probably around 11:30, but I was, to use a colloquialism, out cold from then until 4pm. Oh, sure, I had dreams which I can't remember any details of now, but what I do recall is laying down and marveling at what it felt like to finally be calling it a night at almost noon, then waking up an hour before my alarm was set to go off, and deciding I wouldn't go back to sleep. Well, wouldn't go back to sleep until 1am, which lasted until 3, and is quite possibly the only reason I'm still awake right now. Whatever the case though, I should be done by 7, and thanks to working an early shift tomorrow, shouldn't have to worry about Thursday's event. What I am somewhat concerned about is 4shared. I received another email from them this morning about some of my files breaking their terms of service again, and logged in to find two of them in the "abuse" folder. One is a song I ripped from Youtube for Manoah, which can stay right where it is for the time being, but the other was this, which is a bit different. See the big text that says "Free Download"? Indeed. My message to them was quite curt as a result, and even though this is only the second incident I've encountered, I'm getting thoroughly tired of these invisible entities saying (to themselves) "I don't agree with this user having uploaded this file on [personal, ethical, or legal reason]". Don't like the file(s)? Nobody's forcing you to listen to it / them, and as for copyright complaints / other legal issues, that's not the problem in this case. Or at least I don't see how it could possibly be.

Aggravation aside though, I'd just as soon create a new folder at the root of my account called "Abuse" (note the capital A), and put everything inside it. From what I gathered last time, they leave it up to the account owner(s) to delete whatever files are said to break their terms of service, so I wouldn't be putting them at any greater risk to do so, and it might just curtail any further complaints. That is a big "might", but it's certainly more workable than the alternatives.

Then in regard to the rest of the day, I've mostly been working on Picross DS (which was horrendously slow thanks to still being so tired), and getting into Pokémon SoulSilver. I might be a bit further than I am right now, but that game is no exception to the random black-screen-after-winning-a-battle issue, along with that I have two Pokémon in my party thus far, and before I even set out to get going again, will see them raised to level 10. Maybe I should reconsider though. Trying to do the same thing before is exactly what caused me to lose interest in Pokémon Platinum, right before entering Victory Road, no less, so maybe this time I'll just work to keep my party at a consistent but relative level. It sort of takes the fun out of the game trying to plan things through from the very beginning, but whatever. Failing everything else I'll have to see if Pokésav is compatible with either of the two newest games, or find a code that modifies the experience points earned from battles. To go any further would be cheating, and I can't have that~

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