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Several Options, None Worthwhile

Further to what I was writing about yesterday regarding more files in my 4shared account being reported, I sent them a second email this afternoon to ask what was wrong with the other song. Their reply doesn't exactly say what the problem was, but do mention that the complaint came from one Michael Blaut at Warner Brothers. Or so the email address would seem to indicate, but still, I've never heard of the guy. It goes without saying that he's the first one listed over here, but even with contact information available, I don't feel like asking him what the problem was, both because I probably wouldn't get a response, and it'd also be decidedly pointless to pursue the exact reason for the complaint, when to my knowledge the track had zero downloads. And now I find myself wondering what options I have.

Keep my 4shared account, but delete everything that could possibly be construed as illegal? Password protect each and every file (either with the site's functionality for that, or by putting everything into encrypted ZIP files)? Create torrents with OpenTracker and leave uTorrent running on my other laptop? Replace all the files uploaded there with text documents bearing names copied from the originals, and instruct people to contact me with a list of what they want? As stated in the title, I have several options, but the glaring problem with all of them is how they still don't stop anybody from clicking the "Report" link. One thing I definitely should do in the meantime is turn off the option to show my files in search results. It wouldn't stop the complaints entirely, but would make it much less likely for malicious persons to randomly stumble across them. At least I've put everything into a folder labeled ".abuse". Next time I log in I'll add a text file saying why, but for now I'm stuck between being flustered and not really caring.

And being frustrated as well, but that's mostly because of work. The past couple weeks were fun, but now that meetings have been held (both for managers and normal staff), and everybody is being serious again, I want to take a month off and forget everything I used to know about working there. To give an example of the seriousness, I was put on drive through today, and just after the closers came in, had a small rush of customers. The first pulled up while I was at the back washing dishes, so I introduced myself and asked what I could get for them, only to be told "I need a minute to decide, sorry." Normally that's no problem, and I tell them "Sure, just let me know whenever you're ready", which is exactly what I did tonight, and about half a minute later from up front hear both George and Orlando yell "You gonna answer that customer?" They got a curt and very angry "If you guys were wearing headsets like you're supposed to, you'd know I did already!" shouted back in response, and I didn't hear a thing from them after that until I changed and said goodbye. So I guess in that light it's me being serious that caused the problem, but still, please don't micromanage my position. I know what I'm doing, and believe me, there's plenty else you could be working on in the meantime.

As with last night though, I'd rather not go to bed angry, and there is one good thing I can mention. I got the newest draft of my story last night, and after reading the first part of it before work today, saw that it's finally getting into the point of the whole story. Transforming from [x] to [y] (what those represent shouldn't be too difficult to figure out, but I won't reveal them either for the same reason of wanting to keep things secret), and all the changes that happen therein. The one thing I will say about it is that the two named characters (aside from me) thus far are "Arris" and "Bree". The first is nothing remarkable, but the moment I read the second, Kazooie came to mind <3 Videogame associations are hardly worth staying up any longer for, however, so with that I'm off to bed, which will be all of six hours before I have to get up again. Last night was awesome because I had the sort of sleep where you wake up literally once every hour, and in between sleep for what feels like an entire day. Although it was bad too, because while sleeping itself felt restful, as soon as my alarm went off and I realized I had to get up, it felt like I hadn't slept at all. Bad enough that I laid down for another half hour, but yeah. Here's hoping that doesn't happen a second time~

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