Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

It's Really Coming Together

I wish I could share this. Oh, how I wish I could share this. The new draft of my story was sent to me a couple nights ago, and after having spent the past three hours (give or take) reading through it and marking things that needed to be corrected, I really like it, but also abhor the thing because I was getting so hung up on a couple parts that trying to think of ways to work them out was giving me a headache. They're all done now though, and I've sent an email to the author with my proposed changes, so hopefully I'll hear from them tomorrow sometime. Before work would be nice, but I suppose after would be even better, because I'll need things to look forward to, what with having to close the whole weekend again. The only problem is I feel a bit guilty, because there's still close to a third of the story left, and it's already up to ~5,700 words. Funny how when I was waiting my turn it seemed to take forever for their previous commissioner's story to get done, but now that mine is being written, I want to get it out of the way so somebody else can have a turn. Whatever the case, that's just the way things go. I'm not about to duck out prematurely just because somebody else is waiting.

But yeah. That has to have been the most time-consuming task I worked on today. At least in terms of consecutive time spent on it, but playing Pokémon also kept me busy for a couple hours. At the moment, I've just beaten the leader of the first gym, and didn't have any interest in exploring further, for wanting to get to what I wrote about above. It hasn't really picked up yet, but the accomplishment of actually having done something is nice, and maybe, just maybe, I'll venture out and catch a wild Pokémon that can learn Flash tomorrow afternoon so I can explore that cave then deposit it in the PC until needed again. The only thing I don't like about the game is the trainers you beat calling you. Three times today I had Joey, I think, call me and brag about his RATTATA. I remember being able to call them and arrange rematches from the original games, but never them being so persistent and repetitive. Also, this has come in quite handy already (just to change the name and trainer information for a Pokémon you can trade an NPC for). Maybe for this game (as opposed to Platinum), I'll use it to increase my entire party's experience points to one under a level up, just to make that faster. It's cheating in a way, but I don't really care if it keeps me from losing interest in the game right at the end again.

As for the rest of today, going to get haircuts sucked, because the moment I sat down in the chair the headband for my ears snapped (I was holding them under my shirt), so I was not only in a bad mood from that and having to wake up so early, but also from not wanting to go to Tim Hortons afterward because of my mood. At least it got better, in that I had a shower at home and superglued the headband back together for about the eighth time now, then went out to the Tim Hortons just down the street. On the way there some guy menacingly shouted "What the [expletive] is that on your head, boy? I should slap you!" Maybe it was the "boy" part, or threat of violence, but this is why I so much prefer to walk around at night. It may seem more dangerous, but at least then I can be assured of not running into people who are walking around simply because it's nice out.

And on that note, one final thing to say before I go to bed, about Pokémon again. Earlier tonight I almost had myself convinced to buy the Pokéwalker thing that you get with the game, along with some spare batteries for it, until I found an explanation of how it worked. First of all, the device can hold only three Pokémon, and secondly, each of those three can advance only one level before needing to be transferred back to the game. No, no, no, no, no. Give me something that counts the steps I take, and when interfaced with a DS will grant my party a number of experience points corresponding to how far I walked. So I didn't buy it, but saved ~$40 in the process, which I'll be using some of at 7-11 one of these coming nights. Mom and Dad are going out for supper tomorrow, and are leaving us a special supper then, but there's still Saturday and Sunday after that. All I want are a couple chocolate bars and maybe a brownie. Just a small snack, which is more than enough to look forward to~

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