Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Got The Better Deal

I suppose I do like the sound of this better. At work last night, James asked if I could switch shifts from him, in that I'm now working next Sunday instead of Wednesday, and he's the other way around. At first I wasn't entirely certain, because it would leave me working for the entire weekend again, but after other careful consideration, decided to take him up on it, for a very simple reason. With the schedule as it was, closed with Mary three times in the same week. While I don't particularly mind the thought of that, I don't enjoy working with people whom I don't like though, especially on a night where it'd just be her and I. But I guess things will have to be fine enough now. Friday and Saturday with her and Orlando, followed by James the next night, then Steve on Sunday and after that those three days off I asked for should be quite nice to keep in mind. As well, the way I was looking at it last night switching those shifts would give me three days in a row off instead of two, then a close, then another day off, but by moving that close way up to the beginning of the next week, I might actually have four now. I do worry I'll be terribly bored, but there's Picross DS and Pokémon SoulSilver to keep me occupied if nothing else works, especially after having updated my Acekard's loader fixed the problem of random black screens.

Then there's also that desire to get snacks from The Bargain (!) Shop before the summer is over which I could very well do, but at the moment Picross DS is my priority. There are four puzzles left in level 10, and after that just the extra 15 which I recall depicting various game consoles, so I should, in theory, easily have those finished by the end of the month. Maybe even by the beginning of the week if I work at them with all of my free time tomorrow, but we'll see. Even more than doing that I desire to get an updated copy of my story to look over again. Once again, at work last night, another correction / addition came to mind, which I still haven't sent them a message about. Then along with that there's also a certain aspect of the story I'm considering writing a protected entry about, only because it's a rather curious observation, and I'd like to type out my thoughts on it instead of just leaving them lingering in my mind. To at least allude to it here though, it's mostly a matter of "This happened before, and now it's happening again, but this time it's different. Or is it?" Probably a fairly boring description, but it'll suffice.

As for SoulSilver, I actually brought my DS to work with me last night to level up my party some more, having beaten the first gym, but that took long enough that I was able to level all of them up only once, then got bored and decided to play Super Mario Bros. on my PSP instead. Which, I may note, I have to look into updating NesterJ, in hopes that it'll solve the menu-randomly-opening problem I keep having. Literally, press the circle button, and there's a 50% chance the menu will open, when it's actually assigned to pushing left on the analog stick. Same thing for any of the other buttons too, and yeah, it's highly annoying.

But just for today, I'm off to first send that single story correction / addition, then go back to Picross DS. My goal will be to have level 10 finished before I leave for work, and that should be quite possible~

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