Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

It Matters to Me

But still, I wonder if this is really worth it. George stopped by to drop his external hard drive off just a couple minutes ago, and I have all of what I've downloaded of Doctor Who thus far copying to it, but there's more. It came up in conversation at work a couple weeks ago that I was downloading Pokémon (the anime, that is), so both last night and just now he asked if I "still had them". Well George, like with Doctor Who, they aren't even completely done yet, so yes, I do still have them. Obviously he wants those as well now, but I wonder if I shouldn't go through and rename all of those files so they're consistent as well. It's not like I have anything else to do today. Oh, sure, I will need to take this hard drive back to him sometime before midnight, but that still gives me seven and a half hours, which I'll most likely use to play Pokémon, since I finished Picross DS last night. Aside from taking screenshots of those solutions, there's literally nothing else I have to do today, and this is only one of several this week, given that after switching shifts with James, my next close isn't until Friday.

This couldn't have come with better timing too. After a stressful and busy close on Saturday, yesterday night was well beyond a nice, easy shift that provided ample opportunity to get everything done. Seriously, we had all of two customers between 12 and 2, and since George had washed all of my dishes before leaving, I spent most of that time either cleaning the floors or walking around collecting boxes of gloves to put in one central location. Those and cleaning up other random areas too, but all in all it was nice and slow, and I don't think there's anything that didn't get done. What's more, I have a new way of... behaving, let's say, at work that I find rather enjoyable. I'm getting tired of constantly having to shout over several other voices and repeat myself multiple times just to be understood, so I've taken to speaking quietly, in a low tone of voice, to ensure whoever I'm talking to actually has to pay attention to hear what I'm saying. On top of that, I've gone to being quiet and aloof most of the time anyways, simply because I've liked the nights in the past where I've been in a bad mood about something, and worked almost my whole shift without saying a word. Who says I need to be in a bad mood to not talk though? Things get done just as well either way.

At some point tonight I'll have to get donuts or something too, because I meant to go there yesterday but never did thanks to Picross. Although it's funny. All three of these past nights, all of which I've worked closes on, which is important, I've eaten too little, even with having pop on my top bunk and other snacks readily available downstairs. James gave me a bag of Skittles for washing all of his dishes on Friday, which I had along with chicken and garlic toast at home, then on Saturday I went to 7-11, and yesterday night came home and had pizza. Aside from those, the only other thing I'd eaten each day was cereal, so maybe that's what I should make a point of doing. Moreso than just randomly falling into a habit of not eating anything else until after work, but yeah. Judging by this file copying dialog, there's less than ten seconds to wait on Doctor Who, so I'm off to start renaming Pokémon instead of carrying on this random train of thought. My goal will be to have everything done and be out the door by 6pm~

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