Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

The Best Part Has Passed

Bits of controversy, bits of intrigue, and plenty of other bits that definitely need to be changed. I received the newest draft of my story tonight (which is currently up to ~6,900 words) and started going through it, only to reach a statement that I do not like one bit, after which came more excitement, and more things needing to be noted for tweaking, which is the reason I'm writing this now. If I try to finish that, it'll take me until well after 8, whereas I can write this entry, go to bed while sifting through possible changes in my mind, and wake up tomorrow refreshed, from where I can immediately go back to reading the rest of the draft. If I'm extremely lucky, season 3 of Doctor Who will be finished downloading by then, so I'll also have to rename those files, but it'll more than likely only be at 98% or so, leaving me to eat cereal and go get my pay stub at some point, notwithstanding this task. Still though, everything was going well, then three words - maybe even two if you don't care about context - come along and make me decide "Okay, that'll be quite enough of this for tonight."

As such, what have I done with the rest of my evening? I went out to 7-11 earlier, then finally got around to beating the second gym leader in SoulSilver when I got home, but most of my work was done before that. Those files I was renaming for George first of all took me until 6:30 to complete, and I'm not even sure the latter seasons of Pokémon are properly numbered. In any case, he has those, along with cFosSpeed (the trial, of course), and DeSmuME, since he was asking which DS emulator was best a while back. It's ironic that the program seems to have lost effect for me around the same time, but as long as there's a chance I've just become used to the increased speeds, I won't say anything else. Anyways, while I was out at work Manoah ended up asking me a couple questions as well. One was if I had received his email, which he apparently sent after I'd left the house. It was to the effect of wanting to know if he owed me any money this week, and if not, could he borrow $20. Mind you, his email said $20, but as I didn't get a chance to read that until I got home, ended up loaning him double that without realizing how much he'd originally asked for. Really though, what's $40? Precedent would indicate he'll be paying me back within the week, and he's borrowed more than twice that from me before. And as for the far larger sum he was asking about, I explained that I'd be writing our agreement down, and having both he and I sign it. I would like to get his Mom's signature on the piece of paper as well, but don't yet know if that's something he would be comfortable with me bringing her into, and in my case, whether or not I want her to know I'm lending her son a fair sum of money. But, I don't know when we work next. It could very well be September before we actually go to the bank, but I could live with that.

Going even further back into the afternoon though, as soon as I got sufficiently close to the sign out front at work, I noticed it was advertising a new item. Some sort of burrito that I don't remember the name of now, but I do recall it being described as a "grilled stuff burrito". Yes indeed. Because all we do is throw a bunch of random ingredients into a tortilla, put it on the grill, and wrap it up for you to eat. I ended up asking Manoah to get two Ts from the shed so I could fix it (when I wasn't clocked in, or even there to work), so now that won't bother me every time I see the thing (and there's also a sense of satisfaction gained from doing something almost everybody who drives down St. Clair will see), and I also know the rocks out front are quite heavy as well. I was able to move one just a little bit, so I could reach up to the third row on the sign, but no more than that. It's really odd experiencing something that you physically cannot do.

As for what I'm going to do right now, posting this and returning to my story sounds good. I should be able to at least finish the draft tonight, but fully explaining all the changes will take a bit longer. I might as well get started~

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