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Better than the Past Couple Days

That was a pretty good close. Satisfying for a couple reasons. First off all, Earl wasn't closing after all. It was actually me, Glenda, and Mark to close, and Josh 'till 12, although he left early because we weren't busy. Also, around 7:30, like last night, the question got brought up of who would be going on drive through. It was going to be either me or Mark once again, and all I said about it was "I was on it last night, so..." At first there was a bit of fuss from Mark about "Oh, I don't want to do it", but eventually, Glenda said something about how I used to get stuck on it all the time. I guess it was just satisfying to see Mark not get his way. I do have to work with him on Thursday though, and it's only me, him, and Steve to close, so things could go either way in terms of who's on drive through.

As for the night itself, we weren't extremely busy, although it was steady, to an annoying extent. By that I mean that one order would come, and I'd have just enough time to make it, when another order would come. We bagged line early and everything, so at 11, I took down cold line, then waited 'till 11:30 to start hot line. Did that, and by 12, had everything pretty much done for carryover, so I figured it'd only take 10 minutes or so to get everything else cleaned up. No though. Due to nobody doing dishes after we were closed, it took us 'till 12:50 to get out. 10 minutes earlier than last night though, so not bad, I guess.

Tomorrow could go either way as well, but mostly depending on how busy we are. See, it's me, John, and Jerome closing, so as long as we have a chance to, like tonight, actually get things done, we should be fine. I don't like the idea of having to start at 5, but I figure that way, I'll have more of a chance to get things done.

Time for bed though. I don't need to be up really early tomorrow, but I'd rather not take any chances :p

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