Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I'm Getting Too Lazy

No question about this. Regardless of what time I finally get to sleep tonight, I'll be waking up at either 2 or 3. Today was the third in a row I've woken up at 4, and before I knew it was glancing down at the clock in my system tray only to see it say "5:00pm" instead, which is a waste of time at best, and somewhat depressing at worst. Don't get me wrong - it is nice sleeping late, but only once in a while, when it's unusual. And on that note, if this is how these four days off are turning out, what's going to happen next week when the same arrangement repeats itself, quite literally too? I asked for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday off, and by some coincidence was not scheduled for a shift on Monday either, so yeah. You could say that leaves me plenty of time to play SoulSilver or do other things, but I've already been jumping back and forth to different tasks today, and it took me until 3 in the morning to find one I could actually sit down and work at for a couple hours straight.

I think I started off with Pokémon, just to bring my entire party up to level 30, which then turned to exploring Goldenrod City, and finding an NPC in the department store who wanted a Drowzee. I had, by coincidence fought a wild Drowzee outside of the city, but not bothered to catch it, so then I ended up saving the game and opening the editor instead, after which followed much fussing around with cloning Pokémon in your party or box(es), and from there editing their species and / or moveset and / or other stats as desired. I only did to complete the trade, mind you, but now I find myself wanting to go back and use it to create a well-rounded party without having to catch whatever Pokémon fit into it throughout the course of the game. We'll see, I suppose. The biggest problem right now is not knowing exactly what Pokémon I'd pick. Anyways, after that it was off to getting an email from Manoah about that loan, and calling him at work to make arrangements for tomorrow. He's to be meeting me here at 7pm, from where we'll walk up to the bank and take care of business. I asked if he'd mind having his Mom sign the agreement as a witness too, and he said that's fine, so yeah. Now all I need is to ask Naomi if she can print two copies. One for me, one for him. The terms are all pretty clear, and I have an online backup if absolutely necessary, but it doesn't have any signatures on it (obviously), which wouldn't be of much use to me in the event of problems.

Other goings-on after that were more of a mess. I first got the brilliant idea from someplace to download Opera and see if it was any better than Firefox, but in the hour or so it was installed, the clear answer was "No". It took a good twenty minutes just to figure out how to hide the menu button alone (I wanted a copy of it in the address - as opposed to tab - bar, but could only make a copy at first), so I uninstalled it, then moved onto ZSNES. Or rather downloading a set of Super Mario World hacks then trying to find the cheat file I had for them before. It was filled with all the codes one could ever need, including some purposed more towards hacking the game than playing it, but I lost it at some unknown point in the past, and wouldn't know which archive of the site I found it on to even look in anymore. Kind of a pity, but as noted, this task was yet another started just to take up some time and give me something to do. The next thing I did was downloading ISOs of both N+ (which is absolutely impossible to search for) and Lumines to put on my PSP. Nothing of note there, except that I now have two relatively small yet enjoyable games to play.

Finally, to top it all off, I was sent the next draft of my story (new wordcount: ~8,000 - the length is almost embarrassing, because this was supposed to be a 5, maybe six or seven thousand word story), to which I composed a reply and noted changes needing to be made to the new scenes of, and that about brings us up to now. Oh, season 3 of Doctor Who is finally done downloading. Unfortunately, this season is comprised of both .mpg and .avi files, so I'm converting all the .mpgs for consistency. It doesn't seem to be the best idea in terms of size, but whatever. George has a 1TB drive, and I should have enough space to keep them for myself, if I decide to keep them. I was at first, but ~250GB is alot to have stored when I don't necessarily like the show.

Anyways though, I still have one thing to do before going to bed, and then that'll be it. Still one more day off tomorrow (for this week), but I have enough different things planned to keep me more entertained than today~

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