Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Just Barely Better than Yesterday

I'm still debating whether I should say this day has been good or bad. It was my last one off for the weekend, which gives one point to it being bad, but I also did more than yesterday, so it's somewhat good. Going point-by-point would take me forever though, so I can remember the following notable things.

First of all, I've been informed twice now that Adam is getting married tomorrow. When I first heard that it didn't make sense, because last I heard he was asking if I would attend, but I suppose that makes more sense on a whole. A wedding with family and extended family and friends and everybody else would probably be abhorrently expensive. Even to just confine it to family would be somewhat outrageous, so by making it a private affair, I would think they have to pay very little. Of course, such informality as it were doesn't help this seem any more real to me, but it is, and that's, well, good, I suppose? I honestly don't know what to think of it, but Naomi was saying something about how he has to live here for eight months first, which he is "going to hate", so there'll probably be plenty of festivities to make up for the lack of a formal ceremony then. Starting as early as September, to my recollection, but I'm still not going with them to Uncle Brent's. Not for all the money in the world, and I mean that this time.

Secondly, I'm looking into spending far too much money. As noted some days ago, I dropped my PSP on the floor at work. What actually happened is that I was trying to hook it up to the radio at the back, but the cord was still caught on my finger when I pulled it down, sending the PSP crashing from the top of the room, down to the floor. It still works, mostly, but as I learned this afternoon, one of the exceptions to "mostly" is the headphones. Only one side will work when they're fully plugged in, and both will only function at the same time if you pull the plug almost the entire way out, then jiggle it around. Not at all practical, so I spent about an hour looking around online for PSPs. First I started with sites for Walmart, Staples, and the like, but they all have the newer models which I do not want, and I wasn't about to risk calling EB Games about a refurbished one, because I did that before with my GBA SP, and the one I got in return was in even worse condition than the one I had before. Aside from the one I had before being broken, of course. Anyways, after that it was off to eBay, then to Google for far too much searching of how to downgrade from official firmware 6.x and so on. In the end I found three PSP-2000s which could be shipped to Canada, and set out messages to the sellers of all three, asking "What firmware version is installed on the PSP? The first reply was sort of shady (they asked if there was something specific I was looking for, and somehow managed to have just one PSP meeting my requirements in stock), and the second, while favorable (firmware 3.90), is overall more expensive than the one I haven't received a response in regard to yet.

Even with that confusion to deal with, I'd like to adopt a slightly different way of working listening to music and having games to play from now on. If I can get a replacement PSP, I'll have that with my 8GB memory stick just for games and homebrew. No music at all (or at least not much), because I bought one of these (the 30GB model). More than enough space for music, but it'll probably take some getting used to having two electronic devices in my pockets instead of just one. Still though, yeah. Hopefully the final PSP seller responds soon, because I'd rather take care of those major purchases now, before I spend any money on snacks. I was going to tonight, but on top of what I just said, I still haven't put money on my Visa for the internet this month, and I literally have less than a day now.

I'll take care of that tomorrow though, hopefully at the same time Manoah and I go to the bank. He ended up having to go out of town today, so we rescheduled for 5 tomorrow, and thinking about things after that in more detail now, I could ask to be dropped off at Money Mart over on Queen Street, since they'll be going out that way to get back home. Oh, and continuing the trend from the past couple nights, new story wordcount is just about 9,000 words. A couple over with my tweaks incorporated, but this is indeed turning out to be quite long. I may even give them an extra $40 instead of just twenty or so at the end like I was planning to do. I'm off to bed though. Hopefully work tomorrow will serve to curb this rambling I've fallen into the past couple nights, and other than that, it should be fun going back there for a couple shifts. I'll find out soon enough~

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