Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

It's Only a 5 Minute Walk

I really don't understand this attitude. It's the 28th today, so just before going downstairs to pour some cereal, asked Naomi if she had $20 for me. Her response? "I have to go to the ATM. I have it, but haven't gone to the bank yet." Well in that case, get up, take the five minutes to walk down the street, make a withdrawal of $20, and you're done for another month. As opposed this "I'll go when it's convenient for me" mindset. I already worry this month's payment will be late anyways, but that's just because I didn't go to Money Mart until the very last day. I did go though, and my balance is still shown as being a couple cents over fifty dollars, so maybe, just maybe TekSavvy won't take their payment until the beginning of next week, and I'd have been all terribly worried for nothing. Also on the same general note, matters at the bank with Manoah have been taken care of, and he paid me back the $40 I lent him earlier this week, which I'd completely forgotten about again. Here I was all worried about not having enough to do anything fun with my four days off, and I have an extra $40. Maybe not though, because my story is shaping up to be done fairly soon, and once it's all finished (the writing part, anyway), still have sending them some extra as a thank-you, then waiting for the cover to be finished so it can be printed out as well.

As per usual, a few more new scenes were sent to me yesterday night (current wordcount is now up over 10,000), my proofreading of which was the reason I didn't get to anything else, and they sound mostly decent. There are still minor tweaks and stuff as always, but to say the part right before the end of the new scenes is causing me problems would be an understatement. It must be written in just this way. I won't accept any compromises, and the reason? Even though it's a story, seeing / reading of me doing or saying such heartless things physically hurts, and makes me almost want to take that entire part out and replace it with something less serious. Until, that is, I read the next paragraph or sentence and see instant feelings of remorse (in the story), which I can definitely identify with, after which follows thinking about how to rework it so that it's a bit more true to my decisions on those particular matters. Sure, a well-written story would ideally evoke such feelings, but like I mentioned some entries ago, we're back to walking the fine line between it being something I can read over and over again, or read thoroughly only a couple times before putting it on my shelf and leaving it there for the better part of a year. Random things of interest, if nothing else, and I'll still have plenty of time to tweak such sensitive things, because I plan on going through the entire story once they're done writing it, to fix up grammatical tweaks and other bits I didn't notice before. Particularly their use of "But" to start a sentence (I don't talk that way), but there's obviously more than just that.

Aside from that, the rest of the day (thus far) has been alright. It started off horribly, thanks to being up for an hour between 9 and 10 because I wasn't feeling well, but my biggest problem now is having not had enough sleep, and at this point, since August is drawing quite quickly to a close, I'd better start getting used to going to bed at 6 again, for whenever Michele wants me to return to Heart and Stroke. Or maybe I'll take this last week for myself and then get back to a more sensible sleeping schedule, so I can have more time to get used to the idea. That won't come for another few days yet though, so in the meantime, I have a PSP to go buy right now. After searching around for a little while, I've come to the almost certain conclusion that the silver PSPs, like the one I have right now, are all capable of being fully hacked. It would seem using Pandora's Battery is the only way around the newest firmware versions, but that's what the battery in my old PSP doubles as, as does the 2GB memory stick I don't use for anything else. Of course, by realizing there's a difference between firmware version and motherboard version, I've made asking all those sellers what firmware their PSPs had pointless, but I know better now. Yeah~

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