Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Dislike Unexpected Changes

When I woke up today my plans were to maybe walk out to The Bargain (!) Shop, then play Pokémon SoulSilver for the rest of the time, but I ended up doing neither (for as long as I'd planned) and spent a good portion of the day tweaking a new theme on here to fit my needs. The first two are more interesting than the other though, so let's see.

Towards going out for snacks and such, I was all set until the question "What will I get if they don't have anything I want?" crossed my mind, whereupon I spent a fair while longer just laying there, slowly convincing myself that I didn't have enough money to just randomly go out and spend, and that I'd be better off staying at home. That was a bad idea in more than just one way though, because soon after I decided to stay home, I found myself in a terrible mood from things pertaining to my story. Not the actual content either, and the real reason is kind of petty now that I think about it, and as such will not be shared. What I will say though is that being in such a mood caused me to close my laptop, and start SoulSilver for the first time in about a week. I'm up to just having beaten the Goldenrod gym now, and I found that to be coincidental timing, when I opened my laptop up again to rename the files comprising another season of the anime, and found the first episode in that season to be exactly what I'd just done - meeting / defeating Whitney. Downloads since then have been remarkably slow, unfortunately, but at worst I'll still have two more seasons of both Doctor Who and Pokémon for George next time he brings his hard drive over or drops it off. I'm also downloading yet another new show too (The Outer Limits) which might be slowing the rest down some, but it's only going one episode at a time, only because it looks interesting, but I don't know if I want to commit to downloading all 7 seasons just yet.

Then on the same topic, I renamed what I think would be called an entire franchise of shows today (six different series) to fit with my S01.E001 Name naming scheme. That was frightfully monotonous, and the only reason I stopped is because I was getting hungry. That, and if I renamed one more file I'd probably have been sick, but yes. I've done enough today. The only problem is none of it was fun, so I hope to make even a slight correction tomorrow. At the moment I'd like to get supper from Subway, and maybe walk out to Real Canadian Superstore and / or Walmart once it gets dark enough, but I'd be equally content with finding something engaging to do, and going down the street to Tim Hortons for a sandwich at some point. I have the cash for that, but don't know what I'll do yet. And I think that explains most of it. I missed writing an entry earlier because of my mood, and spent the entire day doing frivolous things, but there's still one more brief diversion I haven't mentioned.

It's September today, which is all well and good aside from the fact that it's still very humid, but go back to the beginning of the sentence for a moment. It's September. The beginning of a new month, which means I should email people to for commission status updates, which is exactly what I did. Only three this time, which seems sort of low, but one concerned my tail, and I both love and hate the response I got to it. Said tail arrived late last week, but they forgot to tell me, and are apparently turning into a mother because they said they'd "forget their own head if it weren't attached". It's quite something to be on the other side of it. My past dealings with saw me as the one who was constantly flustered and messing things up, but now it's their turn <3 Unfortunately, it's not all amusing though, because they seem to have forgotten I was going to give them a new description of the tail to work from. I'll email them again before bed to double-check if they've made it yet, but hopefully they haven't, or there might be even more problems.

I see I am starting to ramble as well so it's time for bed. Just a few last-minute things to do~

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