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There's Alot on My Mind

I'll go with a randomly-ordered list of things tonight, just to keep them organized.

a] Commission Statuses
As noted last night, I sent an email to the person making that tail just before going to bed, and before I had even set my laptop down and gotten comfortable, had received a reply from them. It's not too late to give a fresh description of what I want, but they also want to give me something extra to make up for the shipping costs, so I have a choice between a pair of ears, or a spherical mini plush. Without even thinking about it, definitely the ears, which will be cool to have (a third pair, and different from the other two), but now I've yet to respond saying what I want. In the end it only makes a longer wait for me, but I'll do that tonight.

Then in regards to one of the two other people I emailed, I really don't know what to make of them anymore. Bear in mind this is the person I'm getting two different pictures from, along with a free sketch to make up for the wait. Their most recent reply has been to inform me of more problem(s) taking their focus away from my commissions, so let's see. To date we have computer problems, health / medical issues, and now a significant personal loss. Either they have the worst luck ever, or literally have a book of excuses to flip through, but whatever. I can be patient, especially when it's a good bet they're telling the truth about the problems they've had, so unless they get back to me before then, next time I send them a message will be at the beginning of October. Which, I might add, is the same idea I'm going with regarding two other commissions, but in a more expanded sense. For one, I'll wait until February to email them, and for the other, March. That way I can have more than ample cause to say "This is ridiculous. I want my commissions, and I want them now." Unless, by some chance, they get back to me before the deadline, but, like I said before, I'm not holding my breath.

b] Where Things Stand Regarding Heart and Stroke
Michele's response, in its entirety, was No problem, I would say start Oct after Thanksgiving. Heather doesn’t start until mid Sept, and we are having a training on STAR for P2P late September. Also Steve was let go yesterday, so no area manager once again. Talk to you then. Take care.

Setting aside the obvious for a moment, Steve's been fired now? It makes me feel quite well-weathered, in a way, to have seen three different area managers at the place thus far. I can't remember the first one's first name, but his wife's name is "Anne Nanni", then the second was Lynn, the third was Steve, and now the fourth, well, nobody knows yet. And part of it is also how little those things affect me. Chalk it up to everything being so informal in the past and even now, but I wouldn't have it any other way. They may all be working for the place, but me? I just help from time to time. I'm not a volunteer, in the sense that the only organization-specific function I attend is (or was, at this point) the Christmas party, and unless explicitly noted otherwise, work through Michele, and Michele alone. Now, if she were to get fired, it might create some problems for me, but she's been there longer than I have, which must stand for something.

As for what she said about not coming in until October, works for me <3 That's more than enough time to get my sleeping habits back in order, and it's much nicer having a far-off deadline to deal with, instead of something only a week and a half away.

c] Long-Forgotten 'Gift' from Mom
I went downstairs this afternoon to find her and Dad in the kitchen eating supper, and after asking if I worked tonight, she said she had something for me, but would bring it up to me once they finished eating. This "something" was a blanket. An afghan, I think, to be specific, but it's worth noting exactly why she gave it to me. She either made or is making one for all three of us, as something to remind us of her, or some other similar sentiment. First she wanted me to open the card on top of it, in which there was a note written about how, everytime I wrapped it around myself, "think of a warm hug from Mom", which I do appreciate. It's a pity I couldn't come up with more than "Thank you" to say, but then she wanted me to unroll it to look at the size. It's fairly large, probably about the size of my mattress spread out, and then we hugged, because in her words "It's been a while since we've had a hug" and then she explained the process of making it. Or rather pointed out one single row of the blanket, and explained how each one of those took 45 minutes to finish, and there are easily 200 rows in the entire thing (my guess), meaning it took "a lot of lot of hours to make". As stated above, I really do appreciate the thought, and yes. That just seemed to be worth a mention.

d] Finishing What I Started
I went out to Real Canadian Superstore. And Walmart. And Subway by the time I made it home, but it was at Real Canadian Superstore that I noticed two things of interest. Number one, way in the back they have cartons of chocolate milk on at 3 for $1 (I'm pretty sure), and up in what I'm going to call the foyer (the place where the carts are), they have 6-packs of pop on at 2 for $5. I didn't get any of either then, because I had enough to carry already, but will definitely be going back at some point tomorrow. Mind you, if things go according to plan, I'll be heading out the opposite direction to visit another store on the other side of the city first, but I can probably get a ride out to pick up pop and chocolate milk later at night. Well, maybe only pop, actually, because I am able to safely store it in my room, unlike chocolate milk, which requires refrigeration. Whatever the case, I'll have something more than just water to drink by the time 10pm rolls around tomorrow.

That's not all though. Going out there tonight is worth noting alone, simply because of the weather conditions. On the way there, it was humid but still windy - enough so to stay cool, and it remained that way until I got out to the section of St. Clair where there's a sidewalk on only the right side of the street. After that, it started raining just a bit, and became tremendously windy. I don't know why, aside from that there was nothing to block the wind blowing in from the fields off to the left, but it was weird to see that change in the matter of a couple minutes. As for walking home, I wish I could say it was windy like before, because at least I'd stay cool that way, but no. There was no wind whatsoever, and I swear the temperature went up ten degrees while I was indoors purchasing things, because my face and arms were dripping with sweat by the time I made it down to Subway. I don't regret going out there, to be sure - it was a nice change taking that walk when it was dark out, unlike walking home during the afternoon like I have been doing every other Thursday - but I might not have been so eager if I knew what getting home was going to be like.

e] One of My Purchases Has Arrived
There was a package in the kitchen for me when I went downstairs today. At first I thought it was my new PSP, because it was sent out before the MP3 player, but as it turns out, it's yet to arrive, and I now have a 30GB music player instead of trying to fit both music and games onto an 8GB memory stick. Unfortunately, the next couple hours of trying to get it set up were a pain. XP does, of course, not come with proper drivers built in, so after about an hour of searching around found something that essentially said "Download Windows Media Player 11". I did, and after that it worked, sort of. I could move files to and from the player, but the album art wouldn't display, so I tried using the "Sync" tab in Windows Media Player. That did the job, but at the expense of having to wait for another half hour (at least) for all the files to sync. And even then, there are some that are apparently still incorrectly tagged, or not tagged at all (now I see the "Album Artist" field does have a purpose), but I don't care about those for the time being. What matters is that I can play music on it. Thing is, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to stop song playback. I've done it once, completely by accident, but that isn't what I'm after either. The method I stumbled upon was pausing the current song, then rewinding to the previous one. Hardly practical, but I'll make do with pause, I guess, as the PSP doesn't have a way of stopping playback either except by following the same steps. Pausing the song, then pressing L. Not quite the same thing.

But for now, I have it. I like it. I hope I can figure out a way to play video files on it without the thing throwing a fit if I turn it off in the middle of one, but it'll do quite nicely. What I don't like is having to go through Windows Media Player to properly load songs onto it, but that's another point entirely. You'd think Creative, the company that made the product ("product" is a Zen Vision W by the way) would provide the utilitie(s) needed to put songs and files on their device for free, but apparently they want you to pay to get a replacement, or in my case, get something I never had in the first place. But I found a place to download that from too, and now that it's installed feel Windows Media Player is overall more suited to the task, so I'll have to uninstall it before the end of the night. Then possibly upload the ISO to my 4shared account just so I have it for the future.

Finally, on somewhat of a tangent, updating to Windows Media Player 11 reverted all my customized icons, both in wmplayer.exe and wmploc.dll. With version 9 (I think) it was a simple matter of reshacking those two files, but now, not so much. In the end I had to create a duplicate directory structure corresponding to where the original files were at, put the replacements all in their proper places (wmplayer.exe in Program Files/Windows Media Player and WINDOWS/system32/dllcache, and wmploc.dll in both WINDOWS/system32 and WINDOWS/system32/dllcache) to get it to work again. Not all that bad now that I've figured it out, but annoying nonetheless. Such are the consequences being so particular brings.

f] I Might Bake a Cake
Nothing much to say here yet, but while I was out at Walmart earlier, I saw the same chocolate and caramel syrups I bought to make a cake back when Trish just got here, which got me to thinking. Adam is supposed to be leaving the states on the 7th, so why not double check with Mom and Dad, and bake a cake to welcome him home? I would like to just do that period again, and it'd also be a nice gesture when I've had no involvement whatsoever in him having been with Trish for the past month. Naomi talks to him on a fairly regular basis, as do Mom and Dad, but me? I'm just off in my own little world. It's a thought, at any rate.

g] Good Time to Have a Day Off
On the way home tonight I did, of course, stop at Taco Bell for a glass of water, and while there offered to share the jellybeans I bought at Walmart. James came out to the dining room to get some, and shortly after that Mary yelled out at him "Are you on break!?" Simple enough, but be careful, Mary, because you're no saint with all the smoke breaks you take. At any rate, after that I called George over to inform him of how his downloads were doing, and just as soon as I told him that, he went off saying "Well, I have to get back to work, because we're getting an audit tomorrow." Tomorrow is my last day off this week too, but still, just earlier I found myself wishing I was at work, because he closed, and I'd like to have some part in cleaning things up. Then again, by the time the auditors come in, you wouldn't be able to recognize any of my cleaning, as most to all of it is centered around line, which is made dirty again before the store even opens. Although there's one thing I did do that will remain the same for at least the next month - I fixed the front sign. "Grilled Stuff Burrito" may not be too grievous an offense, but it falls into the category of advertising being set up the right way, and a small difference is better than nothing.

Now, with all of those out of the way I'm not sure what else I have to write, so that will be it once again. I'd like to give another try at putting video files on my Zen here, and after that have another couple emails to send out. Pretty much the same as last night, but at least I've done more today~

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