Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Let's Give This Another Try

I like how I had this thought only well after the fact. Instead of spending almost $200 on a new MP3 player I'm not familiar with, why didn't I spend ~$100 on one of those 2 16GB with Pro Duo adapter packages? That would've given me more than enough space for music and games, but alas, I did not, and now I'm still waiting for my replacement PSP, on top of having spent about six hours tonight going through my music to make sure things were actually filled in properly. Even after that my Zen still had list items for files and folders I'd deleted or moved in the previous synchronization, so now I formatted the whole drive, and am making another, fresh attempt at synchronizing everything. I'll admit the thought of saving my money for a bit so I can buy one of those aforementioned packages is appealing, but no, not yet. I have this Zen, and it works fine, but I'm still not completely used to everything about it, so it feels a bit clunky. For example, all I care about with music is being able to view my files as I have them organized - into separate folders for each artist, and therein, subfolders for each album. For the most part that's what the "Playlists" thing does, but in that case, I want to remove the options for "Artist" and "Genre" and so on. And while I'm at it, move the options for videos and settings to other menus entirely. It'll work for now, but I don't know. Depending on how much I get paid the next couple weeks, I may end up looking into the two 16GB MicroSD card deal, and have my Zen as a backup. The thought occurred to me only recently that I won't be able to keep my wallet as well as the other two devices all in one pocket at work either, so having everything contained on one, while increasing the trouble caused if that device were to fail, would be more convenient.

Needless to say, I think that's the most I've done with my day. I did, as planned, go out to Real Canadian Superstore for pop, but then spent the rest of the night at home cleaning. My desktop (and related folders / files), my room, my laundry, and other miscellaneous bits of interest. Everything but myself, actually. I won't be having a shower tonight though. By the time I finish with everything here it'll be close to 8am, and that's much too early to be doing anything (under normal circumstances). Anyways, getting back to today, I was also planning to make muffins, and maybe some actual supper, but those were set aside in favor of music. It reminds me of what working on Pic Pic used to be like - spending hours at a time engaged in one specific task, and actually having to plan ahead for breaks in order to eat and whatnot. Fun in an odd way, but such tasks usually don't come up that often. About the only other similar thing I could do right now is renaming the rest of my TV shows, but this was my last day off until Tuesday, and I can't say if I'll want to work on them then yet. Speaking of which though, season 4 of Doctor Who is done downloading, so hopefully I'll see George before Monday. Even if I have to tell him "Bring your hard drive to work on the 6th", it'll be nice to prove that things are still being downloaded. As far as I know, the only show he's watched thus far is Pokémon, but it's about the same for me. I opened an episode of Doctor Who for long enough to check the quality, but not since then. For the moment, the other show is much more interesting. Which is if nothing else a biased statement, but I won't even start getting into that.

Other than that, I don't think there's been anything else to mention. I haven't received any emails today, despite being given indirect notification that I might be getting one, and I'm going into the weekend pretty much the same as I did last Friday. I can't think of anything I haven't completed yet, and am looking forward to work, but only in the sense that it'll give me something different to do. That's a fairly decent note to end on though, so I'll be done here tonight. Now to just hope these music files display properly this time~

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