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Karadur Inacu 

It's a Necessary Evil

Going back to yesterday, I said I would have to try installing Zen Media Explorer again, in hopes that it would allow me to put music on my Zen without all the problems I was having with Windows Media Player. For putting music on alone, it does, just a little bit slower than the other program, but then there are problems with it that aren't present with Windows Media Player. For one, album art doesn't show up. Of course, that's far from a necessity, and I could do without it if I had to, but it also doesn't automatically create playlists. Those all have to be gone through manually, which involves adding a folder of or certain selection of tracks, ordering them properly (without any option to arrange them by track number), naming the playlist, then saving it. Although I did notice that by following those steps, Zen Media Explorer creates .zpl files in the "My Playlists" folder instead of the .pla files Windows Media Player puts in "Playlists", but duplicating those isn't an option, as they're all empty. Oh, sure, deleting one removes the playlist from the player as well, but there must be some other file or collection thereof that has directory listings corresponding to each playlist name. That difficulty aside though, I am at long last done, or at least am finished with the music I set out to put on there originally. Everything is tagged and shows up properly, the contents of those "Free Singles" folders (for several different artists) all display their respective album art, and the problem with Windows Media Player being dumb has been solved mostly by deleting all files from the library as soon as I start it up, then stopping it before it gets to the video files I've yet to convert again and put back on there. The next test will be to try adding some new music without formatting the drive and starting all over again like I've been doing, but that'll have to wait until I get home from work, because I've left myself hardly any time once again tonight.

Work should be interesting though. It's Steve and I closing yet again (same as it's been for the past two Sundays) with George there until midnight, and if things go at all as they did yesterday, I'll be thoroughly annoyed and disgusted with Steve by the end of the night. I ended up starting off yesterday by washing all the dishes, which he didn't say so much as one word to me about, so I figured he was glad they were getting done. Then after that I moved up into the middle to work on prep, and eventually caught up to where I should've started frying things. One of the questions I asked him was "How many pans of nachos do you want done?" because there was only one backup left. Both his and James' response? "They can do those in the morning." Right, guys. Did you even hear what you just said? That's exactly how so many dishes get piled up at the back that it takes me roughly two hours to catch them all up. Day / supper people saying "The closers can do those later." No. We have no choice but to do what's there when we come in, but that does not mean the supper people should not touch them at all. Mind you, they actually both explained their reasoning as that Ang was coming in at 9 or something to do prep alone, which is fine just by itself and everything, but there are still two problems with that. Number one, put yourself in her position. Would you not like to come in one morning and see that things are done for you? Nobody, bar nobody was hired for any one specific position at that place. Then secondly, what makes you so certain Ang will show up tomorrow? Yeah, I know, one would expect her to, but what happens if she calls in sick? Here's a decent rule of thumb: treat even the slightest amount of concern as a very real possibility. Anyways, I expect them to have not been happy about that this morning, that still leaves what I'm disgusted with Steve about. As noted several times before, we have to wear gloves when making food now. Simple enough, and everybody seems to be used to it, but that doesn't excuse you, Steve, from picking up several fingerfuls of cheese during the middle of our bar rush, sticking them into your mouth, and apparently not even having the thought to change your gloves. In view of the customers, at that.

There are still more details then that as well, but last time I had something like this to write about, I ended up posting it over here, and will thus do the same again now. It doesn't feel quite right, I will admit, but it's better than keeping everything here and effectively writing about nothing but work. Like I said before, hopefully tonight goes better~

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