Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

One Quarter of the Way There

Such laziness once again. Of the two, maybe three things I meant to do before getting ready for bed tonight, I've done one, and it's not even entirely complete. The specific task was retagging one out of four folders of music to eventually put on my Zen, but of course, the existing tags were mismatched and messed up. I've had the idea a few times now to go through all of my music, as in everything on the computer downstairs all at once to both bring everything up to the same standard, and see what I have that hasn't been listened to in a while, and thus most likely deleted without consequence, but it was a big enough job going through ~1,500 files, so almost ten times that would take way too long. I'll just stick with what I want to listen to for now, and at the moment that is Guitar Hero soundtracks. I remember having them on my PSP before, but they ended up getting taken off to free some space.

Tomorrow though. Along with giving George the new seasons of Doctor Who and Pokémon I have downloaded, replying to several different commission emails (two pictures and my story), and maybe at least wheeling my air conditioner into my closet, because I haven't needed it for about half a week now, which is enough to make me feel I'm done with it for now. And it also means I can put pillows in my window(s) and block out the sunlight so I actually have a dark room to sleep in, but thus far I only remembered to do that last night, and it wasn't a very good sleep anyway. Getting back to George though, I ended up skipping the "Here's a suggestion" part and flat out telling him to bring his hard drive in tomorrow, after which I didn't want to talk to him or anybody else for the rest of the night. I was quite ready to hit something when the lack of prep done last night started causing problems, and Steve was only acting as helpless as ever. George says the general idea is that as long as we have enough done to get us through the night, the day / supper staff can take care of restocking it. That, sir, is an idealistic statement. I'd like nothing more than for things to go that way, but please, take notice of the way things are actually going, and you'll see the rules as you know them are nowhere near being adhered to. Part of the problem was also that it got really busy just as we started running out of things, but yeah. If there's one silver lining I can find in that big cloud though, it's that I work alot faster and more efficiently when I'm angry. Oh, and eventually George asked if I was alright when I went into the bathroom to feel the top of my head. Before even changing into my uniform I stood up into the paper towel dispenser, so there's now a lump over on one side that was previously bleeding. Injuries are always so pleasant.

And with that, I'm not quite sure what good news there is to mention of the rest of the night, both at work and after. It slowed down considerably after midnight, and the walk home was mostly nice, but nothing much else has happened since then. Oh, but I do find myself wondering about getting paid this week. At first I was positive we got paid last week, but that doesn't correspond with going grocery shopping. Whatever. I'll ask around tomorrow and see if anybody knows for sure. I don't think I'll be picking it up early either way this week, but will leave that decision until Tuesday night. For now, I'm off to set my alarm and go to bed, because it goes without saying I'll pick up Lumines again for a bit before actually falling asleep (I've been playing it before bed the past couple nights), and that might carry me right through until the sun starts coming up. We'll see~

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