Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

We Both Should've Waited

This is appropriate. George was just here last night to get the new things I mentioned having for him, and now, the day after, both shows' torrents are up over 90% again. They still both have at least a day and a half to go, but maybe I should've waited until Saturday to ask him to bring his hard drive in, because we both close on Sunday. And maybe next time I'll be a little smarter too. I know only too well from past experience that trying to do too many things while transferring files to an external drive runs a very high risk of ending up badly. And that's exactly what happened. My laptop froze, in such that I could close windows and programs but not open the task manager, and when I turned it off then back on, oh, Windows says the drive is no longer readable. Thankfully, by some miracle when I took it downstairs to copy music he wanted from the computer there as well, it worked fine, so maybe it's just something messed up in XP now, in which case I'll either have to reinstall it yet again before anything else, or use my other laptop next time he brings the hard drive over. I also finally got to see where he lives, because Steve let both of us go home at 11. Roughly as far away from work as John does or did, but in the opposite direction. Well out past Country View, and down a dirt road that could be considered to be in the middle of nowhere. Kind of unsettling at nighttime, but interesting too.

We ended up talking out on the porch after that, about work, I think, ending in me saying that I'd probably see him tomorrow when I walked up to get my pay stub, but at this moment, I don't think I will be, as partially suspected yesterday. This week, I wanted to see how much I would be getting paid as soon as possible, because I had my eye on a commission auction that cost a fair bit, but sure enough, between getting home last night and seeing George off again at the front door, somebody else bought it. Although now I have my eye on another one, for but a quarter of the price of the first, but I still need to see how much I'm getting paid, because this is the first pay of September, and most of it will be going to Dad. And Mom, maybe, because if at all possible, I'd like to give her grocery money this week, instead of up on the 23rd. And then I have other concerns involving them now too. Just before going to bed last night, I noticed a note taped to the wall outside my door saying that they were interested in using the internet again (obviously to talk to Adam without having to go through Naomi), and to "let them know when I was available". Sarcasm aside, what will that entail? Creating a new profile on the computer downstairs, most likely without a password, lowering the resolution to something they can read, and placing all of two icons on the desktop, one with the title "Internet", and the other "Chat". Then set Firefox's homepage to be Facebook as well, since otherwise they'll probably end up joining that group of people who were typing "Facebook" into Google and not realizing the site they wound up on was in fact not the site they wanted to be at. Or at least I think that's how it went. I read about the whole debacle before, but the details are somewhat hazy now.

I have a feeling Dad should be home now though, so I'm off to check if he his, and to think further about whether or not I should ask them for $10 a month to pay for the internet as well now. Surely they won't be using it nearly enough to justify doing so, but even having some babysitting jobs now, I don't think Naomi would be terribly pleased to be required to give me $20 instead, and I'm not about to start paying for the service entirely by myself, unless I give both her and Adam the money back that they've paid me thus far, regaining complete and utter control of how it's used in the process. Yeah, the account's in my name, and yeah, the money is taken from my Visa each month to pay for it, but they've still given me close to $100 each now, which would have to be repaid before I could do anything. But those are mostly irrelevant ramblings. I have things to do, and after that, more emails to respond to up here, so I'm off to get started. It shouldn't take too long, but that all depends on how much they want to do~

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