Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

A Somewhat Special Weekend

Here are some more days I'd really rather not work. This weekend holds (or held) something I had completely forgotten about. The family reunion at Uncle Brent's. Obviously I didn't go, and it'd be hard to when I still have three more shifts coming, but Naomi didn't either. Mom baked a pie and brownies last night though, and Dad explained what would be going on to me when I got home. They've gone, and will be staying overnight. Kind of interesting, I guess, and I can see how and why they would want to wait until Sunday to drive back (especially when they don't have to rush us home for work or anything), but can I take any advantage of it? No. Unless I, oh, well, maybe I'll stop in at Tim Hortons on the way home for a couple donuts (especially because I think we're expected to provide our own supper), but really I want to get home and see if I've received the email I should be by then. Further to what I've been writing about the past couple days, I finalized everything last night, and then made one last small change (the addition of two words) just a few minutes ago, so to my mind, it's completely done with. Yeah, sure, there are still other concerns I'll need to deal with either on my own, or with another person, but what has been causing so many problems for me is now finished, and I'm just waiting to hear from the other party as to whether or not they agree. And as for what I was considering yesterday regarding money, Manoah gave me his first $100 (which I need to make note of somewhere...), which, assuming they're still open, will be taken to the bank out on St. Clair before work, and then, provided the aforementioned other party does respond, will have their extra sent. They get some extra, I get some extra. It sounds quite fine to me <3

Also today I need to ask about my replacement replacement tail. The person making it said it would be out by the end of the week, but also that they'd take a picture of it for my approval first. To date I've received neither, but maybe, just maybe the delay is caused by the free pair of ears they offered, in which case I'm quite willing to accept that. And that's along with other people I've needed to get back to for at least a couple days now, but have been pushed back thanks to recent events. It's kind of funny to think about, actually, but yeah, there's one large image, and several small icons, two that I added on after we'd worked out the details of the first set, and of which one in particular is rather complicated and specialized, so I might just pay half the price for a sketch first, then the rest once it's complete. As for not-online news though, work last night was nothing really worth noting. Standard level of busyness, Orlando was getting impatient with me because he finished the dishes and I was still up front cleaning, Steve goes to the bathroom far too often (I go entire nights, only making use of the toilet before I change into my uniform, and as I'm changing out of it, yet he's in there every hour and a half, almost, usually when it's getting busy or there are large orders, which brings me to something I'll talk about outside of these brackets). Body language is everything, Steve. If you come back waving your hands around and generally looking frustrated, it's going to be kind of obvious that you just want to get off line. Whereas if you either calmly ask somebody to take over for you, or rush right back to the bathroom, it'd be a little less so. And that still leaves tonight. At least tomorrow I close with George. And then also, sometime next week (probably on Wednesday or Thursday), I'll be taking a trip up to Food Basics for peanut butter and pineapples. Orlando and I got to discussing peanut butter pineapple grilled stuft burritos last night (which he asked a few customers if they wanted to try), and I plan to make it my business to get the things needed for them, just so we can actually say "We've tried that".

Notwithstanding other work-related matters though, I still have a new season of Pokémon to rename, the kitchen to check for anything that could be made for supper later (I noticed the same chicken and cheese bread in the freezer that we had before when Mom and Dad went out), and then I'll see how much time is left after that. At least an hour would be nice~

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