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Holy holy holy. GBA Micro. $67 before tax at Walmart. Comes with the extra two faceplates as well. I could care less what proof anyone has for not wanting to shop there. I'm getting one of those things tomorrow. Seriously. It's my day to go grocery shopping tomorrow, and we go to the Real Canadian Superstore. The only one here is right out by Walmart. I already told my Mom it'd be later on in the afternoon that we'd be going shopping, as I plan on sleeping in. The only downside is that I have to work later that night (8-4 in the morning), but man. Who knows how long their prices are going to be like that? I was considering waiting until next payday (a week from Thursday) to buy it, but not for this. Yeah, I do have an SP, DS, and PSP, but my God. DDR Mario Mix was more than that before taxes!

On a completely unrelated note, I never got to eat one bit of my easter candy. There was a chocolate rabbit, and a few eggs. Not even one morsel :( WTF? I just went to the freezer to look for my candy, to see if it was still there, and guess what I found? 5 waffles :P They're mine now. At least, as long as nobody else gets them first. Still though, it is my fault that I left the candy sitting in there for so long, but seriously, you'd think my brother and sister would at least have enough respect for some else's property to not touch it

Oooh. I'm mean. Adam's been leaving me notes in notepad telling me about this site Naomi always goes to when nobody else is around the computer (stardoll.com, whatever the heck that is), so I added several entries to the hosts file. Here's what they are: http://www.stardoll.com www.stardoll.com stardoll.com

Yeah, so I don't know how to disable the linkage for the first one, but anyways, see what I mean? :D For those of you who don't want to type in the IP, I'll tell you what it links to. Google. So every time she tries to go to the main page of that site, she's going to get redirected to a search engine. Fun :) Of course, I'm not so stupid as to believe that's going to block her from visiting the site completely. Oh no. I'll leave one option open (probably the IP itself, heh), so that just in case she comes to me asking why her site doesn't work anymore, I can show her that it works perfectly fine ;)

Call me mean, but know this first. She's not paying any sort of amount towards the monthly total for our internet connection. Adam, Dad, and myself are, so (Dad aside, since he has no clue how to use the internet in the first place) while me and Adam are free to do whatever we want to (aside from Adam surfing porn), she has no right to even open Firefox (or Internet Explorer for that matter). Heck. While both Adam and me have to give my Dad 10% of each paycheck to pay for gas, she still gets away with suckering my Mom into chauferring her and her friends everywhere except out of the city. Once she gets a job and starts giving some of her money towards what we have to chip in for, she can forget about touching this computer. Even then, guess who it belongs to? Me!

Just a slight disclaimer here: do I seem different than normal right now? Am I talking strangely, and saying things I wouldn't normally? I drank the entire contents of a 2L bottle of Dew Fuel earlier tonight (which is an energy drink, for those that haven't heard of it), so I'm really, well, energetic right now. It's almost like being drunk, except without the downside of a hangover. Not that I'd know or anything, but that's what it seems like.

Anyways, yeah. It's almost 5 in the morning, and I'm going to have to be getting to bed soon if I want to be up in time to go grocery shopping and get a Micro. So that's going to be it. Enjoy, as I'm sure next time I write something in here, I'll be talking normally again :P

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