Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Here's Where it Starts to Slip

Manoah told me there was something I should know as soon as he started work tonight. Brandon had wanted to get ahold of me, but apparently didn't consider a little word called "privacy", or the fact that he could call work and see if I was there or when I'd be in next. Instead, he asked for my email address, which Manoah provided him without even thinking about whether or not I'd want it to be given out. Skip ahead to an hour or so after that, and he pulled out his phone to show me a new message. Brandon was apparently getting impatient, and wanted Manoah to have me call him, as opposed to, once again, calling work to see if I was there. So by the end of the night he finally phoned us, and I came home to see two emails from him, one sent literally a single minute after the other, saying "Call me" and providing his phone number, which was redundant anyways because it displayed in both the subject line and message body. Complicated explanation aside though, what did he want? To borrow $100, and you can draw your own conclusions as to what me might have wanted it for, given the urgency. I guess I don't mind that so much, because now it'll be easier to deal with another money-related thing I was going to leave until our next pay, but if he ever emails me again, he's getting a pointed "You need to ask me face to face" reply, and his email address filtered so I still get the messages, but don't see them in my inbox (plausible deniability and all that). Lending money is fine. People being so in-a-rush without giving even a vague explanation as to why is not.

The next thing on the list (in my mind) is switching back to this icon. It's nowhere even near Christmas right now, but I feel like using it since I'm in a slightly better mood tonight. Funny how I come to these decisions, but that reminds me, I haven't given so much as a single thought to Christmas presents this year. There's one idea I could go with from last Christmas for Adam, but it's exceedingly expensive, on top of that I don't know if he'll even be here come December. Then as for Mom, Dad, and Naomi, I just don't know. If worse comes to worse I could just ask them, but things still feel different with Adam not here this year, so it could end up being more of a laid-back affair. Not that I want the whole "holiday season" to just breeze by, but I'll wait until there's at least snow on the ground before I start worrying about such things. It's just different compared to a year ago at this time. Going back even earlier though, things just a couple hours ago tonight were fun. I've started to back the usual stuff up in preparation for reinstalling XP, but along the way got sidetracked with that external drive that stopped working a few weeks ago. There was a fairly large folder hidden at the root of the drive called "found.000", and checking its contents revealed, among other things, some random emails from last time I backed them up. One in particular was from an address I didn't recognize, so I opened it and saw the message I sent back when I was looking into registering for MFF. Smart questions like "Is it possible to register online but pay with a money order?" Then after that I had to go find the message from Paypal regarding it, of course, and yeah. Fun memories <3 I want to say "of better times" as well, but as I've said other times, planning is often more fun than the actual event.

Still, at least I'm partly through those preparations. Next up is a bunch of music, then lots of other things that I'll probably have forgotten by the time I wake up tomorrow, but yeah. I just don't think I want to actually reinstall XP within these two days though. Unless I choose to wait until Thursday night to go through with the peanut butter pineapple grilled stuft burrito thing at work, and am able to finish everything on Wednesday. I know this time I'll be going back to Firefox 2 and sticking with it (unless Gmail is upgraded and ends up no longer being compatible with that version), if for nothing else than to use the Foxkeh theme again. I'll get to such things later though. I'm looking forward to sleep last night, because somehow, even though it was closed when I went to sleep, my laptop was open the first time I woke up, so maybe it'll happen again. Or not, because there's no telling if I do anything with it in my sleep, but it's kind of funny at any rate~

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