Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Can't Remember the Last Time

Maybe I just won't answer the phone at all tonight. Orlando didn't show up for his close yesterday, and apparently George tried calling James first, but he was occupied, so then he called me instead, and I, both being somewhat concerned by the thought of whose night I would be ruining to say no, and having just finished the last of what I set out to get done during the afternoon, agreed. Not a bad night altogether, and it's so much nicer - at least right now when it still stays light out until ~8pm - leaving the house then, and being able to sit in relative darkness under the trees outside playing games on my PSP. It wasn't all good, mind you, because I sort of mouthed the words "shut up" to Manoah when he called out my name several times as soon as I walked into the dining room (you have no business even talking to me until I've changed into my uniform and started working), but that's more incidental (it could be said that I wasn't in a good mood because I'd been called in), and George's behavior later on was sort of amusing.

For one, he said if I wanted anything to eat it was "on the house", which is pretty standard for anybody who gets called in. I missed my chance though, from wanting to wait until the end of the night to make something so customers wouldn't pull in the moment I wrapped it up. But that didn't work out, although I didn't say anything, so a little while later, he came to the back to get a bucket of water, and asked if I wanted a ride home. No, George, thanks, and the same applies to you saying you could pick me up if I agreed to come in. I would rather walk to work, especially now that the weather's getting nicer. Anyways, I told him "No, I should be fine", after which he disappeared up into the middle for his second, then stuck his head around the corner again and asked "You going out for a slurpee? I'll buy...", so we ended up doing that, and on the walk there he said thanks and apologized "Not only for coming in, but for putting up with my [guess the word] as well." He thought I saw him as being in a bad mood or something, which apparently stemmed from the fact that he was getting frustrated with not being able to get any other work done because of the orders at one point. There's really no proper response to such a statement, but close with Steve as much as I or any of the other closers do, and you'll be hard-pressed to find anything quite so wrong with what you're doing. Oh, and towards being called in, I said yes. I did not kick up a fuss and say "Oh, but I was going to do this and that and something else tonight!" (outside of asking Mom if she and Dad would be able to do my dishes), but I look at it as that I got paid for working five hours that I otherwise would've spent at home doing nothing productive.

I need to put some effort into finishing that productivity today though. If nothing else, I'll be heading downstairs to get the vacuum as soon as I finish writing this, which will hopefully be followed by writing an email to the artist I'm commissioning a cover for this book from, and probably going back to SoulSilver after that. Or maybe reinstalling XP so it's done, but only if I'm actually that bored. The email is definitely the most important though, because I've been putting it off for about a week now. Oh, and in regards to the other three parts of my story, one will be posted this Saturday, and the others, the next two Saturdays after that. Got a response from the author last night, so it's just a matter of waiting now, and with that, I'm off to get the vacuum. If I don't start with that task, I'll never get around to it~

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