Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

They Must Think They're Clever

I was hoping to find something else to start off with, but as what's referenced in the title is still the first thing on my mind, I might as well begin this entry with it.

A short while after I got to work today, George told me about a call they got "last night" (Wednesday), and as I understand it now (after hearing the story from both him and Manoah), some guy called saying he wanted to file a complaint about one of our employees. Manoah was the one who answered the phone at first, but he didn't say if he asked the guy what the employee's name was, but one way or the other, this guy said "cat man", and then proceeded to explain how I'd scratched him, and given him rabies. Yes. I'm being quite serious. At that point Manoah asked him to hang on a second because he had to let the other manager (George) talk to the guy as well so they could both back up his claim, and from what George told me, the guy repeated his story, but then quickly spat out what George referred to as a "street name", and presumably hung up. Oh, and when I was first being told about it the words "court order" were brought up as well, in that the guy called, said I had scratched him and so on, so he had a court order against me, which George seemed to be taking really quite seriously, but I'm both bemused and somewhat perplexed. Who was this guy? I'm going to flat out say it was a prank call for the moment, because he didn't leave his (real) name or any other form of contact information, but just... what? I can understand people being dumb when I'm walking to work or wherever else, but please be dumb to my face. Don't call the place I work at and tell them something that, had you called during the day, could very well have seen me end up in a messy situation. Not only for having to prove my case, but for the fact that the story would have spread throughout the entire store (including to those people who weren't even at work) before the phone was hung up.

In no particular order though, here are the problems with that whole scenario. First of all, my name is not now nor has ever been "cat man". Obviously I go by my real name at home and at work, but I'd still prefer to be called "Kar" outside of those places, but very few people ask "What's your name?" Anyways, if you're calling on official business, which filing a complaint against me certainly falls under, you won't be taken very seriously if you use a made-up name. Two, I have a bit of a bad habit which renders me fairly incapable of doing significant damage to a person by scratching them. I could if I wanted to, sure, but then you also have to consider the fact that I don't "get physical" like that. Especially not with random strangers. Moving on to the thing about the court order, George mentioned it in a way that said "You'd better be careful, because he said he was coming after you." Dear sir(s): that is most definitely not a court order. I'm not sure what you're actually thinking of (I want to say a warrant, but that still sounds incorrect), but what you said you have is essentially a legal document that says I either can or cannot do [x]. In this case, I would assume not come within a certain distance of you, which is rendered sort of impossible by the fact that I don't know who you are to begin with. Third, what you're calling about is serious business, so would it not make sense to properly identify yourself at the beginning of the call? Not necessarily anything too formal, but your name and phone number so Melissa or somebody above her could contact you if needed would be ideal. And finally, I don't live at work. I am only at work according to my hours on the schedule or for other incidental trips up there if need be, so why, pray tell, would you call my work to deliver such a message? That is to say the fact that I work at Taco Bell has no bearing on my scratching you, or any other injury you may have incurred by my doing, so you need to call me at home, but that poses a bit of a problem for you. Taco Bell's number is readily available through their website or phone book, whereas our home number is still available in the same places, but only with my last name or address, which you must not have. And I'm glad you don't.

People are generally pretty weird, but this guy certainly deserves a mention for doing something more memorable. There isn't much else to mention right now though. Still, I have about an hour left, and would like to sort through this folder of free music (the one I linked to in my previous entry) to figure out what stuff I don't have yet and properly categorize the rest, so I'm off to work on that. Oh, and also, I got a reply regarding the cover for my book, which says exactly what I suspected. The version(s) of the cover I've been given thus far are only 30%~40% of the actual size. Just waiting for the newest version from them right now because I noticed one thing earlier that will need to be changed, but I'll get back to that when they actually respond. Off I go to music stuff for now~

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