Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Too Many Things are Changing

I guess if nothing else can be said for last night, it's at least good that I caught up on some sleep. Still though, since I'm not sure exactly when I nodded off, I think it's fair to say I slept from 1am to 2pm. It was kind of cool too, because I was having really interesting dreams (with one common theme that slipped my mind as soon as I went downstairs to get cereal), and somewhat less stressful in that I went straight back to sleep each time I woke up instead of trying to pick up on what I had been doing for another two or three hours, only to go back to bed again. Mind you, it would still be better if I had tonight off, but closing with James and Manoah shouldn't be too bad, especially with my plans to stop at 7-11 on the way there for some candies to have when I get home. Still, I can't quite put my finger on it, but something seems different about today. Maybe it's the fact that I just slept for thirteen hours, or maybe it's the weather in general out there lately, and if neither of the previous, definitely how it's starting to become dark earlier, but no matter what the answer is, things are quite rapidly switching over into how winter feels. There's something special about it, both in good and bad ways, but then again, this winter might not be as special as last year's was anyway.

I am, of course, drastically overstating the significance of one thing at the moment, but George was telling me about something that happened a few nights ago. His Mom wanted him to go get milk (at 4 in the morning, no less), so you'd think he could easily go to Sobeys, pick up a couple bags, and be done, yes? Not any more. He said they're only open 'till midnight now, and indeed, that's exactly what I see if I go to their site right here. Which is really a shame. I've been waiting to have some more money to spend so I could take a long way home and walk around to there for some things one night, but no, I guess not. Still, that doesn't necessarily say anything of their holiday hours, but I could see those going one of two ways at this point. Either Sobeys will remain open only until midnight, in which case Walmart and Real Canadian Superstore will either follow the same hours or stick with what they're on (closing at 10pm, which used to be an hour later too...), or they'll be open 24 hours for the month of December, and those other two places will follow suit. Which I really really do hope is what happens, but being optimistic is slightly more difficult right now. Oh, and I suppose there is one other reason things could still feel different for the moment: I'm not yet required at Heart and Stroke. That's just as likely to be a good thing, because if Michele had wanted me to come back the first Wednesday after I emailed her I surely would've mentioned how horrid it was waking up at 1pm and so on again at least a couple times in here, but it feels weird to not have gone back there yet. Ooh, and as one final thing, strictly contained to today, it's actually fairly chilly, moreso in here than it is outside, at least.

Depressive rants about how nothing's quite like it used to be aside though, I have only a few more things to mention right now. One, the second part of my story (even though I don't know if anybody read the first...) should be up either before I leave for work if I'm lucky, or when I get home if not. There's no telling when "When I get home" will be though, not only because of closing with Manoah (he's been going on and on about how he can't remember what to do since he hasn't closed in so long), but also because I have $10 that might be used for other purposes if I'm still in the same mood as I am right now later. Just to hint at it, I went out to Subway for supper yesterday, but ended up also making a detour further out to Wendys for Manoah (he gave me money, of course), and then couldn't help noticing how much faster I was walking on the way home just because I was listening to music. Anyways, we'll see what happens later. For now I'm off to continue playing Warioland 2, because I started it yesterday, and ended up falling asleep before I could make very much progress~

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