Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Finally got Around to Doing This

There we go. I just opened up the other computer to take out the floppy drive, and Spinrite's running right now. All I really want from it is to fix things so the CRC errors stop. They started some time ago, when I was still trying to download season 3 of The Drew Carey Show, but instead of actually trying to fix things then, I just got another hard drive, and downloaded everything to that :3 I'll probably head up to 7-11 later on, maybe around 1 or 2. I know I'll look like an idiot walking in there at that time of the morning, but it'll be fun.

So, today wasn't too bad. Ended up getting to sleep around 7 in the morning, but the 5 hours between then and 12, I slept quite soundly. If I hadn't set the alarm on my DS, I wouldn't have woken up so early. I suppose it was good that I did as well, seeing as when it went off, I thought it was my alarm clock at first, so I was fumbling around with it for a good minute at least, before I finally woke up enough to realize what was making the noise :x

Volunteering wasn't too bad, although I forgot my headphones >:( Had to print off a flyer thing Michele had me make for the Soup Luncheon, then had to make another poster sort of thing from scratch, the first one I made wasn't big enough. Then I had to make labels for three of the mail slots, then just did P2P stuff after that.

Left there about quarter to 4, and went to Staples. See, I had my eye on this, because although the external hard drive I'm using with my laptop right now works, it's far too bulky. So I picked that up, and then we went to Wendys, so I could get my supper (I seem to be eating there an awful lot lately), then back home. It took a good hour to transfer all the stuff I wanted onto the drive I bought, but I have to say, it's ridiculously tiny. For 120GB, at least. Like, I can fit the thing in the palm of my hand :o And even with all the stuff I put on in (~73GB for Drew Carey Show and Whose Line, and ~27GB for music), there's still 10GB free space.

So anyways, other than that, I just did stuff on the computer.

Y'know what? Screw 7-11. All I really feel like doing right now is going upstairs, and possibly getting somewhat further on Phoenix Wright: Justice for all. Sounds good.

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