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Multiple Stories (Good and Bad)

Since I can't think of anywhere else to start once again this afternoon and yesterday was Saturday, we have...


This is, incidentally, the part where what I've posted starts to differ from what they've uploaded, for two reasons, and we'll start with the more noticeable of the two, since it does make a difference. In the first part of the story, my thoughts were given in italics, with no other special treatment. From the second part on, however, they're also enclosed in quotation marks. I even sent the author a quick message about that, and their reply said they noticed the inconsistency as well, so I figured they'd use the corrected copy for uploading. Apparently I was wrong in making that assumption, but I did just send them another quick email to say "Hey, did you notice this?", so we'll see how long it takes / if they respond at all.

Secondly, and only for the above, the style of quotation marks jumps (or jumped) back and forth. Sometimes they'd be the type with little circles that have tails either sticking up or hanging down, and other times they'd be the straight-line type, but I can't fix those quite as easily, because I think the problem comes from writing in Times New Roman and switching to another font (such as the one I use here). Oh well. It does feel kind of messy to think of there being two (or three) different versions of the same thing in existence, but such an outcome was inevitable, and it'd have come to that by the time I got to publishing the book, if not before then. Also, since it was something that I had to ask for an explanation of, the idea behind the "Winternet" is that it's a communication infrastructure designed to keep the population of Tsoneria (the name of the planet the story takes place on, as revealed in the first part) in touch during their "long, planetary winters". The author is the one who came up with it at first, and it is an interesting detail <3

Outside of that, the only other thing still on my mind right now is work last night, which I very much deserve a day off for making it through. The first several hours were fine, right up until ~2:30, in fact, but then the drunk people started pulling in, and they were even more... annoying than usual. The first group had a $30 order, and somewhat jokingly said some girls in the back would lift up their shirts if we gave them the food for free. Then once they were gone, the following group of people and the third vehicle full behind them apparently thought it would be an excellent time to get out of their trucks and just dance in the middle of the drive through. Yeah. It was kind of funny to see, but please, notice how there are still other people waiting to order behind you. Continuing on when the first group finally pulled up the driver would not stop grabbing my arm and pulling me towards the window, at one point even joking around about how I was scared she was going to bite me. I don't remember the third group doing anything else, thankfully, but sure enough, the driver from the previous vehicle came back and started grabbing my arm once again. Oh, and before I forget, when she was at the window, apparently thought it was a hilarious idea to put the $10 for their order between her breasts and give me a wide grin. Had I thought of it then, I would've put a glove on and grabbed it (a way of saying "I'm not going to put up with this"), but just... yeah. I'm sure you thought you were being perfectly harmless and funny, but all I want to do is take your order, take your money, give you your food and drinks, and move onto the next customer. Should you still wish to act like you were, well, I suggest you come back on a night Steve and / or Orlando are working, because they'd definitely be alot more open to what you're doing than I am. I will, however, say "Thank you" to the two non-drunk people who came through after them and asked "Busy night?" while gesturing up ahead. Being able to say "It actually wasn't too bad earlier, but then we got this" provided some much-needed relief.

And as an afterthought here, maybe I was being far too serious or stubborn, but I'd prefer that to having Manoah or James look over at the wrong moment, jumping to conclusions about what they saw, and blowing things out of proportion. But that's quite enough for today. I have other matters to attend to, starting with checking the new copy of the cover for my book and renaming the sixth season of Pokémon. Then after that, I might take a walk out to 7-11 or Tim Hortons for supper, but would also like to wait and deposit the money I was given last night before work on Wednesday. As noted a short while ago, I lent Mom $75, which she said would be repaid in October, but she ended up giving it to me last night instead. Somewhat pointless when she'll be getting $110 next week for gas and groceries, but I'd rather have that. And now I'm off to take care of those other things~

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