Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Dishes Are All I Do

It's starting to show as well. I have no problems before I come into contact with water or while I'm washing dishes or engaged in some other wet task (such as having a shower earlier), but give me half an hour at most after drying off, and the backs of my hands will be really try. A problem to which there are no solutions at work except for going back to wash my hands or do more dishes, which only prolongs the inevitable, and as for at home, it's well within my power to go buy another bottle of Curel from Shoppers, but have I, before any of the shifts I worked within the past couple weeks? Of course not. That'd be much too sensible, but at least or the moment, I've decided to set sense aside and walk straight there without stopping at work first. Just watch though. I'll do that, assuming Steve will put me on drive through when I change into my uniform, and it'll be the one night he takes that position instead. Recently, that is, but yeah. I have to think it would be only fair after tonight anyways.

He called me this time, at roughly 7:30pm, to ask / demand "Can you come in for a couple hours to wash dishes and clean things up please?" Text doesn't quite do justice to the tone of his voice, but while that's what he asked, it sounded like he was saying "You need to come in and do this." No, Steve, I don't need to do anything, but hypothetical situations aside, I agreed, and walked there in record time. Now, you would think if they actually felt the need to call somebody in to wash dishes, the entire day's worth would be at the back, but no, I walked into essentially what I started out with last night, and did I have any help then? No I did not. In the end though, it took ~2 hours to get all of those caught up (I'm not sure what time I started), and fifteen minutes to clean the floor at the back, after which point I left, because Manoah and James had been out to sit down during that time, and I see no need to stick around and help further in those circumstances. I understand you're stressed and want to sit down / have a smoke, but being busy and backed up enough to call somebody in implies being busy and backed up enough for you to not be able to take breaks, or, if you do have the chance, work on getting other things caught up instead. It was still nice to get out of the house though, and having been paid for at least 2.25 hours of work helps, if only a little bit.

On a completely different topic now, however, I've been checking back every so often to read the (new) comments on the second part of my story throughout the day, and in so doing have been reminded of another reason I didn't care to do that in the past. A couple people seem to think the story is still being written, and another asked "How did he" (I) "stay hidden for so long? He was between some people when they were walking, right?" I'm afraid you are wrong, and as a matter of fact, looking up to just about the middle of the second part reveals a sentence that says I started walking behind everybody else, at the back of the line. And to think I've been worried about things like the quotation marks being inconsistent and my thoughts not all being formatted the same way. They make a difference to me, but I don't see how other people can jump to such conclusions when they have everything needed to answer their questions right above. And of course I'm being a bit of an elitist too <3 I've been criticized at least once before for being so fussy over detail (not in regards to the story), but I would settle for nothing less.

Anyways, I was going to get to retagging some new music tonight (albums by Daft Punk and Josh Groban - sort of an odd combination), but that won't happen until tomorrow now. Instead, I'll put the rest of my effort into finishing the second-last side-set of levels (the "Cellar" series) in Warioland 2 before calling it a night. I should have just enough time~

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