Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Really Need More Money

I went to Shoppers before work just as planned last night, but as per usual couldn't be content with finding a bottle of lotion straight away, paying for it, and leaving, so what did I do? Browsed through the Halloween candy, of course. And almost convinced myself to buy a bag of little boxes of Chiclets, but was able to decide against it then. Problem is Halloween's still so far away, which is sort of good in that it gives me more time to set money aside, but still, I must get some again this year, and not wait until after the 31st like I did before, by which point the selection most stores offer is decidedly poor. Really though, the same could be said of just walking around Shoppers looking for hand lotion at first. I saw so many things I wanted to buy, but nothing I can afford yet. I miss that. Going way back to when Josh still lived in Chatham, he, Adam, and I were out at Staples one night looking for a set of speakers Adam wanted to buy, and what did I notice while following them around but a headphone / other-piece-of-equipment-with-an-audio-connector extension cord. Something I'd been trying to find for a while, so I bought it. No preparation or planning ahead necessary. I had the money, my debit card (that was the first time I used it, as I recall), and the thing I wanted to buy, so I did. Now, sure, I do realize planning and not unexpectedly spending money like that is the better way to go (if I had there, I would've bought ~$40 worth of Halloween candy <3), but it would be nice to get back to every now and then. Sort of like, incidentally, last winter when Real Canadian Superstore and Walmart were open 24 hours. The only thing I needed from out there was a package of socks, but did that stop me from going back more times after that and buying random things? No, and that's what made it fun <3

But then of course the other thing to keep in mind is Christmas. As of this moment, I'm trying to decide whether it's better to ask what everybody wants, or just give them, say, $100 each along with some candy. Oh, and also, a point about this that crossed my mind on the way to work the other night. What about Trish and Ericka? I have nothing to go on as to whether they're members of my immediate family, or fit more into the extended group. If the former, I'll get them just a small something, because I'm not going to buy them a substantial gift right out, but if the latter, well, maybe a loaf of bread or something because they did seem to appreciate the other ones I made while they were here. And sure, I'm getting ahead of myself with this too, even moreso than with thoughts about Halloween, but if I'm going to be buying things online again, I need to allow plenty of time for them to get here. I suppose I'll say this for now: if I haven't come up with any ideas by the end of September, I'll ask, and request they get back to me by the end of October.

As for money in general, things still seem a bit tight for the moment. Assuming $500 has gone into my account by the end of the week (which includes the hundred Brandon borrowed), I'll have just enough for everything - $80 for groceries, $30 for gas, $50 to pay for the internet, (up to) $50 for groceries and snacks, and I think that's all. For the moment, that is. I still have publishing my book to consider (although that probably won't happen until October - the cover is quite near being done, but that still leaves the illustrations then fiddling around in BookSmart), and inevitable trips out to get snacks or supper after work, considering starting tomorrow, I have four supper shifts and one close. Looking at this now it's no wonder I'm not able to just randomly go out and buy things, but maybe, just maybe I'll buy a single package of Halloween candy from Shoppers before our next pay.

More immediately though, I have dishes to go check on (Mom and Dad are apparently going out for supper tonight, but that still leaves bowls and whatnot from breakfast and lunch), a pay stub to maybe go pick up, and the music mentioned yesterday to finish retagging. I started last night, but am nowhere near finished yet. And then with any luck, I'll have a normal night off after that. George is off in the states somewhere, so he can't call me in again, and if anybody phones wanting me to come in and wash dishes / clean other things up, they're getting a flat "No" in response. Well, maybe not if I become really bored between now and then, but I've helped enough both on Monday and with the work I did for Steve yesterday night. There are plenty of other people they can call, after all~

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