Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Those Eight Hours Meant Nothing

I would like to fall asleep again just now. Yeah. Even though I went to bed early and slept until ~2:30, the continued humidity today is awful, so I only just got around to plugging a second fan in. But do I have such a liberty, even for just an hour? Of course not. I'm working a supper shift tonight, which is 6-12 this time, although it could be fun after 8 or so. Back on Monday, Steve, Brandon and I were the only ones there after 8, just as will be the case tonight, and Brandon could just about not do any work to save his life. I'd finish with a customer, give them their food, and turn around to go back and wash more dishes, but on the way walk beside him playing with his phone. Or pretending as if he was playing a guitar. Or some other equally pointless thing. Even amongst the closers, I often feel like the only one who puts getting caught up on work above other things. James would sooner stand around up front and wait for somebody else to help him, Orlando would go back, wash a few dishes, and immediately pull out his phone or go outside for a smoke, and the managers are obviously exempt. At least of late, but if and when the rule about what they have to be doing is dissolved, they may take on the same characteristics and ways of behaving as the other staff display. I really don't know. It goes without saying a large part of that is me getting tired of always being on the same thing lately as well, but being on a different position tonight is almost guaranteed.

... and that was weird. I just started typing a new sentence, and everything froze up. Then my laptop wouldn't boot until after I unplugged the external drive (it's happened before), and now that everything is up and running again, refuses to hide my system tray icons. Oh, well disregard that. They had all been reset to "Hide when inactive" instead. Anyways, back to what I was going to say...

On a completely different topic, I spent my last $5 at 7-11 last night. Nothing special there, because I would've after work later this evening if I hadn't before then, but sure enough, I grew quite undecided about what I wanted to get on the way there. At first I just planned to buy candies, but I do want to get some more peanut butter M&Ms. And I have $20 I could use too, but no, my decision was to save that for groceries tomorrow. Cereal and Mr. Noodles will be ~$13, but then I also noticed a mention of 59-cent chocolate bars in their flyer as well, so it'd be nice to get some of those. If not from Dollarama instead, but theirs are 69 cents, and I haven't been there in several weeks anyways. It's just kind of funny (in a sad way) to see how I haven't even been paid yet, but have already worked things out to the conclusion that I'll be just about as well off as last week. Well off until somebody asks to borrow money, that is, but I do need to keep in mind that I can always tell them "No". I wouldn't like to, but it is funny how I can be so agreeable toward something like that, but want nothing more to do with them than making sure things get done at work. But there is one tiny thread of logic to it. For the most part, I look angry (or at least frustrated) when I work these days, but that's because there's always so much to catch up on. Take a look at, say, this past Monday night with Steve, however, and I'll be quite pleased after getting everything done, to the point where I have to walk around and actively look for other things that need to be done. More or less a matter of "Work is serious business. The only smiles I give are to the customers."

But anyways, here I am having written about mostly work again for yet another day, when I have less than an hour to go before heading in there. It does work for when I have nothing else to write about, but aside from the humidity today, and, oh, actually getting an email regarding an update to cFosSpeed, nothing has happened. Here's hoping work is more interesting, but that will, of course, start with my pay stub~

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