Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Too Much to Think About

Just yet, that is. All in all this day started off pretty poorly, but got better and better as the afternoon and evening went on, and I think finally came up to being decent when I got home, laid down in bed, and did nothing for close to ten minutes, during which time my headache miraculously went away. Sure, it's fairly plausible to say work might be causing such things, but after thinking about it for most of my walk home, came to the conclusion that it was most likely because of the duties I was tasked with today. More or less, I severely dislike being put in / on a position where I'm subordinate to somebody else. Working with managers is one thing, but having to cooperate (in the literal sense - work together, but not necessarily by choice / amicably) with somebody else to get whatever job done is not. But that's why I have a day off now. Sort of. The real reason is because I reminded Melissa I'd be going back to Heart and Stroke starting next month, which means I now have Tuesdays and Thursdays off by request instead of just by chance.

Anyways, as for the things that are too much to think about, there are three. First of all is money. As noted twice previously now, I expected to be paid enough to bring my balance back up over my limit, and give me an extra hundred dollars or so after expenses. That would mean I'd be getting paid $400, plus the $100 Brandon owes me. However, upon getting my pay stub from Steve earlier tonight and checking it, I find that I was very wrong. In a good way, I should add. Including that $100, I'll be getting just under 800 this week. Yes indeed <3 Apparently ninety of that came from working the holiday a little while back, but still, I have never ever ever seen that much on my pay stub before. Still, the only things that changes for the moment are that I can definitely buy at least one bag or box of Halloween candy now, and can transfer an extra hundred to my savings. The rest, well, it'll probably be tucked away into the same place, or used (in part) for some of the things I was previously talking about never being able to do any more.

Moving on to item two, there's something I really wish I'd known before. Emuparadise hosts episodes of TV shows that were either based off of videogames, or had videogames based off of them, including Pokémon. Thus far I'm up to season 6 in uTorrent, but starting tomorrow will be downloading season 7 from that site, and hopefully completing that more quickly. At first I was worried about quality, because the file sizes on Emuparadise were double what I was getting in uTorrent, but apparently that's a matter of compression. Changing two options in VirtualDub's Compression dialog reduce the filesize by half, without any noticeable drop in quality or dimension. Unfortunately that does take a while, but in the end, it couldn't be any longer than downloading each season via torrent is. Plus there are other shows as well. Other shows that I don't have the hard drive space for at the moment, sure, but that doesn't mean I can't still download and keep them on my laptop for storage.

And as for the third thing, I have a new game to maybe make a complete set of solutions for: Neves. I happened upon it again while scrolling through the games on my Acekard looking for something to play, and GameFAQs has nothing listed for guides whatsoever, so I can only presume nobody else could be bothered to make a guide. It isn't quite that simple, yeah, because there are some quirks with the game (one of the overlays can't be turned off without disabling the layer the pieces are stored on as well, and the piece color is random for each puzzle, so I can't separate each level into different colors), but it'll serve quite well as something to do if I should have any more mindlessly boring nights in the future.

But right now I'm more mindlessly tired, so I'm done for the night. I'll get started on the above tomorrow~

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