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Not Worth the Trouble

I'm quite certain I've used that title at least once before, but in any case, it fits tonight's situation as well. What I wrote about yesterday regarding downloading episodes of Pokémon from Emuparadise is coming along splendidly. After following the directions on the site to set up Flashg(o/e)t, I queued up all of season 8 to start downloading, and they were completely done inside of six hours or so. Nine gigabytes in less than a day, when it previously would've taken me at least a week to download the same amount. Of course, the torrent for Doctor Who is suffering as a result of the aforementioned program downloading at a fairly constant 400kb/s, but at this rate, the rest of season seven and all of nine will be done downloading before my next day off from work. And then maybe George will be returning from his vacation within the same week, so I can say "Hey, I have files for you", and get him to come over here to see if his hard drive works now that I've reinstalled XP. But as for the title (I completely forgot about it for a moment there), at least one of the episodes in season 8 (if not the entire season) has a logo stamped on the lower-right corner of the screen, so I spent a good couple hours looking for ways to remove it online earlier, and came up with a solution involving VirtualDub. Problem is, while I could get the logo to be mostly blurred out, some parts were still showing, so I went back to edit the mask I had to create, and upon returning to the program, found every time I loaded the plugin, it would crash. Whatever though. After some double-checking and confirming against a file I had downloaded in uTorrent, the version with the logo is (presumably) the only one available, and while I technically could put the required amount of work in, I'm not about to fix / reinstall VirtualDub just so I can spend close to a month hiding the logos in each and every one of the episodes, when George and I would be the only ones to see them.

Then in rather the same vein, what I also mentioned yesterday about making a guide for Neves probably won't pan out. At least for the moment. Four times today my laptop froze up on me, and all four times I was watching something in VLC, working on a puzzle in DeSmuME, and trying to perform some extra operation on top of the other things I had running in the background. The first time it was attempting to disable a layer in DeSmuME, and the only other occasion I can remember was trying to download a font file, and everything freezing as soon as I clicked the "Download" link. I'm not content to say it's something I overlooked in reinstalling or whatever else though. Aside from the pagefile size, which I set back to what it was previously earlier, I can't think of anything I've forgotten, which leaves the problem to be caused either by something being wrong with this laptop's hardware, or overheating. And given this ridiculous humidity we've had lately (I know it's supposed to end tomorrow, but summer should really be over by now), I think it's plausible. For the moment though, I've gone back to iDeaS, although I haven't tried watching a show and solving a puzzle at the same time yet. If that fails, I'll wait until the weather cools down to try again, and if no luck the third time, will look into buying a cooling pad for my laptop. Kind of silly to imagine with winter approaching, but I used to be able to do three or four things at once without problems, so I don't know what's different now.

On a different note (and probably the final one for tonight since I need to be up early for another supper shift tomorrow), Christmas-related things. I can't remember how it came into conversation, but on the way home from Real Canadian Superstore this afternoon I ended up asking Mom "Do you know what anybody wants?" No ideas for Adam or Naomi, unfortunately, but she and Dad both want certain other DVD sets. I checked for them on eBay earlier, and one is ~$150, while the other is only ~$50, so that would work out nicely with having been paid more this week. And speaking of being paid, I have some decisions to make. First of all, it's not really a decision, but I'll be going to Money Mart tomorrow to put $50 on my Visa. I simply have to then, or I'll forget and the 28th will pass by without me even noticing, but that still leaves the decisions. I have the money now, so I could go across the street to Shoppers after that for one or two packages of Halloween candy, but was also browsing through Food Basics' flyer earlier, and couldn't help noticing how they have 12-packs of pop on sale for $3.99. I'd like to get both, but will probably do something a little different. On the way to work, withdraw $100. $50 of that is "spent" at Money Mart, and the remainder is all I'll have for snacks and such until our next pay. You might say that's plenty enough for trips to 7-11, but if I do go to those other two places, I could spend twenty, maybe thirty dollars at once. Kind of makes me hesitate a bit, but once those Christmas gifts are taken care of and Brandon pays me back and all of my other expenses are dealt with, I might still have a little left to "splurge" with.

But now that I'm starting to use these nasty-sounding casual words, I am off to bed. With any luck, it'll be far cooler by this time tomorrow~

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