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Never Around When I Need Them

The timing here is nothing but brilliant. I have things to confirm with Mom about what Christmas gift ideas she mentioned before, but the only time I saw them yesterday was on my way out the door to work, when Dad was standing right beside her, and then today, surprise surprise, they've gone to Sarnia for some reason. I've decided that until I buy one or both of the things she mentioned, I will not be going to Shoppers for Halloween candy or Food Basics for pop or anything else like that. The only exceptions were withdrawing $40 to combine with the $10 I had for money to put on my Visa, and spending another seven on the way home at 7-11. Yesterday was not good at all, so I really didn't feel like coming home and having to fuss about in the kitchen for supper. Also, if it were only the evening right now I could post the third part of my story, but I guess I'll be getting to that after work. The cover is coming along well though - almost complete, except for a few final tweaks followed by adding the title and any other pieces of info. But before I get too off-topic with that, I have a short list of other things I was going to write about last night before I decided to go to bed early, as follows.

a] Direct Downloading it Is
I still haven't narrowed the problem down. For the moment, if it happens again my next attempt at fixing it will be installing a previous version of VLC, but I'm running out of options. Things were fine last night until I opened said program and tried to play a file in it, but not being content with ruling that out as the thing at fault, targeted Flashg(o/e)t instead. Probably not the smartest decision, because my laptop froze up several times before I installed it, but at the moment I'm simply trying to revert back through everything. VLC, as noted above, eventually uTorrent, then maybe Firefox (this installation was upgraded from 2 to 3, as opposed to installing 3 directly), but if that still doesn't solve the problem, I'll go with Windows 7 instead. I still want to try it for longer than is required to conclude that custom visual styles are a pain to install, and it would, in a manner of speaking, unlock the full potential of my laptop, what with XP only recognizing 3 of the 4GB of RAM that's installed. The freezes are still annoying though. Things seem to be fine when I don't touch my laptop (it was running perfectly both when I came home from work last night, and woke up today), but seemingly as soon as I start using it again, it's only a matter of time until the entire thing freezes up with not so much as an error message or blue screen. In fact, it did it just here, as I was typing faster than what Firefox was keeping up with. Maybe an important detail, or maybe what I'll actually do is finish writing this, and skip straight to installing Windows 7. I should have enough time to at least get that up and running today.

b] I've Done Nothing to Deserve This
I had just started work yesterday when Sheila began to tell me a story. At first I thought it was going to be a general tale of something bad or unusual that happened when she went to the states, which I never have anything to respond to with, but this time she came out with something different. She and Ron were at Hot Topic for whatever reason, and saw a hat with cat ears on top and little cords hanging down each side to which paws were attached. Apparently he said that was something I would like, and if I understand what Sheila was saying, she would've bought it for me had the price not been $25. Bought something? For me? When I've given you no reason to even remotely want to do something like that? Seriously, whenever I see her at work I always say hi back and grumble under my breath about how she's shouting out my real name when I'm not in uniform or clocked in yet (and on a side topic, I was reminded by some random girl that there's a picture of me crossing the street on either 89x's Facebook profile or site), and then outside, whenever Ron pulls up, wave to him, maybe say "Hey!", and go back to staring at my PSP. But yeah, I thought that was interesting, and this provides a nice transition over to the next item.

c] I Need to Change
Hopefully in somewhat a different way than what I've been going on about with how things are so much different than they were before and how I want to go back to those days and such. When I first started down this road of personality changes, I didn't let my real feelings show most of the time. For example, if I got tasked with some undesirable thing at work, I'd "grin and bear it", so to speak, rather than questioning the manager about why they were making me do that and trying to make them see things my way. But recently though, no, I've managed to work myself into a place where it's seemingly perfectly logical that if I feel a certain way, there should be no problem with showing it. Such is why I had yet another large frown on my face for most of the time spent cleaning the dining room last night, and perhaps why I've been getting so many headaches at work lately. If and when there's some need for me to be out right at when the schedule says I'm supposed to be done, then fine, I can tell the manager and see if they'll rework things to be in my favor, but this constant feeling that my way of thinking is the only one that's right and fair needs to stop. I would rather people see me as somebody who's alright to work with, but seems to be off in his own place most of the time instead of just somebody that gets the work done but is a complete and total jerk about it. Or maybe I'm still overstating things. Surely I must not look like a complete and total jerk if they call me in to close and do dishes and whatnot, but even so, it's either the above, or always having a list of things that I didn't like about the shift floating around in my head on the way home and so on. It's not good, because except for rare occasions where I walk home with Orlando or to 7-11 with George, I don't talk to anybody else about work, and the negative emotions have to go somewhere - straight to my head, or brought out in here, as it's been thus far.

d] Something Quick About Heart and Stroke
Even though I haven't even gone back there yet, they're already being bothersome. Either a volunteer or employee there called me on Thursday afternoon regarding a party they're throwing for Steve. One can only guess why, but it's on the 2nd of October at 6pm, and is being held out at Country View. I told the guy I'd have to check my schedule at work and get back to him, and since then I've learned that I do have that Saturday off, but still don't plan on going. Reason? I would have to pay for my meal. Only ~$12, but still, no. I think I'm more comfortable with the idea of going to the Christmas party this year, but that's free, and by the time it happens I'll have been going there for at least a month and a half again. In the meantime, I'm mentioning it in here because if I don't, I'll forget. And I don't think it would do to forget to make a phone call just to say "No, I won't be able to attend".

There were two others, but alas, they're no longer very relevant, so I might as well be off to collect the files I need from my desktop and other folders, then get down to installing Windows 7 instead. At worse, I'll just go back to XP sometime in October, but it stands to reason a second reinstall would fix this random freeze problem. If it's something wrong with Windows to begin with, but yeah, I have some work to do~

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