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More Annoyances and a Story

It's funny. I both like this feeling, and so very much wish it would go away at the same time, because I just woke up, so there's no reason I should instantly be feeling terrible. What could be causing it? Dreams I was having? The fact that I opened my laptop around 11 to check the time only to find that it had frozen (again)? Last night at work which was fairly okay but still kind of troubling? I don't know and the only thing I can remember being somewhat displeased about before I went to bed was not having nearly as much money in my account as I thought I would. Even having spent only ~$7 on candies the other night, I have ~$290 above my "limit" right now, which would be okay, but if I am able to find Mom today, I'll ask her about those Christmas gift suggestions she made, and probably buy them. Oh, but at least one thing has already been decided. Halloween candy, while nice to have right now, would only see me over-eat horrendously, and cause a bunch of little wrappers and / or boxes to be scattered about my room, which I'd rather not have. So no, at least for now (perhaps the prices will drop as Halloween comes closer, if not after the 31st), I'll be content with trips to 7-11, Subway, and any other places of interest. And then in between all of that, maybe these extra hours I'm picking up here and there will add up. Three last weekend from when I went in to wash dishes, two coming up this week because I'm working 'till midnight instead of 10 for Manoah so he can have more time to do his homework, and so on, as needed, from there.

And going back to the very beginning of that paragraph now, I'd like to say I'm writing this entry from within Windows 7, but I forgot something very important. The same something that made the idea of installing it on my other laptop before much more appealing. The partition was too small. I've become used to needing only 10GB for XP, but 7 requires at least 14GB, so my entire afternoon yesterday was spent watching PartitionMagic. It's done now, but as the night at work went on, Orlando started to complain more and more about the orders and how his back hurt and everything else, which Manoah got tired enough of hearing to send him home at 2, and after that it was just the two of us. Not a bad close after that, considering, but either way, I won't be getting down to doing the rest of the work until I come home tonight. Oh, and speaking of work, Manoah (yet again) told me something interesting yesterday night. In my previous entry I mentioned being surprised with Sheila's thought to buy a hat for me, even though it was too expensive in the end. Honestly, I was surprised by that. It didn't seem like something I could expect from her, but apparently she was saying things about me more along the lines of what she's known for. More or less that it was my fault so many mistakes were being made on Saturday, but you know what, Sheila? I'm to blame for some of them yes, but look at the arrangement here. There's a new person between us on line for some godforsaken reason (perfectly fine when it's not busy), and both down in drive through and up at front cash, we have, surprise surprise, new people taking orders there as well. I know it's the only way they'll learn how to work those positions, but seriously, schedule them for a weekday. Some time when it's not likely to be busy, because three quarters of the problems we were having were in some way related to them. Just... annoying, but again, she didn't say anything to my face, so I'll just assume she didn't think about what she was saying first.

Bad things aside though, yesterday was Saturday once again, which means I have the next part of my story to post.


As per usual, I'd like to give some comment on it, but anything I could say has already been said to the author. Still though, if I were to pick a favorite part (knowing in advance what's to come in part 4), I'd have to say this is it. Well, there is one specific bit still to come next Saturday that I'm particularly fond of, but this is definitely the most emotional part of the story. I like it for that <3 But what I do have something to say about though is the one comment that was left on it last night. The last few words were "You really know how to develop a story!" directed at the author. That's fair, in a way. They wrote it, and came up with some ideas beyond what I originally suggested, but I'm the one that gave them the original layout. I'm the one who, as we were getting into writing the above scenes as well as part 4 told them "This is where it gets kind of sensitive for me, so it needs to follow this exact layout", and did indeed give them a detailed layout, which they took and extended somewhat past where I had it end, but still, this is just as much (if not more) my story as / than it is theirs, but it'd be too much of a bother registering for an account just to say that, so I'll settle for being mildly indignant in here.

Outside of that, there's noting much else to say. I do have about twenty minutes to go before heading out to work though, which should be just enough time to get the rest of my things backed up and ready for later. I hope my external drives are still on~

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