Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Love Contradicting Myself

What was it? Just last week where I was talking about how I never do any of the things I used to find fun anymore? Let's assume it is, and then look at today. I have done very little since I woke up. Ate cereal, spent an entire half hour petting one of the cats, and then downloaded the torrent for the next episode of season 3 of Iron Chef America, because while there are complete torrents for seasons 1 and 2, there are none for 3 through 7. Curious, but yeah, that's mostly what I've done. Oh, but I did play a couple random levels in Knytt Stories, because I've re-taken some interest in that game recently, and also did the same with a Mario Bros. hack on my PSP, but that is it. Meanwhile, the conditions outside, while kind of gloomy, would be rather nice to just get out and walk around in, and I did get $100 from Brandon yesterday, so I could, say, walk out to Walmart and buy things, but there is nothing I want to buy. Not a single thing. All I really want to do is go downstairs, wash the dishes, and then spend the rest of the night on Knytt Stories / Mario / whatever other random tasks I decide upon (I'm considering mapping out yet another NES game, along with maybe continuing my solution guide for Neves), until I decide it's time for supper, and go out to 7-11. Simple and perhaps a bit boring, but yeah, I give it a month, maybe two for holiday related things to start picking up, because that will definitely change things.

In the meantime though, I did it. Installed Windows 7, which is running as smoothly as I expected (no random freezes yet <3), and overall is just... okay. I like it, to be sure, but as yet I've put barely any work into customizations. I see no reason Reshacker wouldn't work, but I have to reorganize (and ideally find some way to hide) my reinstallation partition first. Certain folders will need to be divided into "Windows 7", "Windows XP", and "Both" subfolders, along with finding new drivers for everything, and surely other stuff that doesn't come to mind. But I'll get to those eventually. In the meantime, I have something that technically isn't news, but is still new to mention.

I officially started my Christmas shopping yesterday. Bought some things online, and another something from Shoppers before I went to work, and now I've gone back to thinking about everybody else. Naomi, specifically, at least for right now. It hasn't been a problem in a little while, but she used to always ask me to free up space on her laptop because she was running out, which was usually a simple matter of emptying the recycle bin and running CCleaner. But why, as I'm asking myself now, not get her an external hard drive for Christmas? Something small and compact and preferably USB-powered that she can store her files on. I haven't yet looked at Staples' site (or anywhere else for that matter), entirely because if I do I'll forget about this and end up discarding it at some point, but yes, I like that idea. As for Adam, I suppose if worse comes to worse I have Mom and Dad's Facebook login information, so I can always go on there to see if he mentions needing or wanting anything. And should Trish and Ericka be here then, they'll probably get a couple loaves of bread. Also on the same topic (baking things), I need to pick up the ingredients needed to make those oatmeal cookies next Thursday. Melissa has been bothering me to bring some in lately, but more importantly than that, it'd just be fun to do, now that the weather has cooled down again.

It's time I was off to do dishes for now though. Just one last thing standing between me and having a night off~

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