Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Now I Want to Go Shopping

And maybe I'll just do that. Aside from getting the usual emails from Money Mart and TekSavvy, nothing of interest has happened yet today, so I might just leave for work a half hour or so early, and wander up to Shoppers or Bulk Barn. I'd like some sort of sweet candies, but don't want to stop at 7-11 on the way home yet again when I already went there last night. Or maybe not, because then I'd have one or two less things to do tomorrow, but that's only in regards to going outside. Inside, however, there will be at least one thing to start with that I've been anticipating for a while. Emailing the people I'm commissioning yet again to ask for a progress update. One has no reason whatsoever (unless they've been without access to a computer for the past two weeks) to not have replied to me by now, as the only other change I asked for was very small, and the other person, well, they've somehow been able to leave feedback for me, but not been able to respond or otherwise send me any messages since then. I don't get it, but then as for the other people, because there are of course others, the two I'm waiting until February and March to contact (respectively) are still the same, and the cover for my book is coming along nicely. Got what is pretty much the final version (except for the title) from them yesterday, so that just leaves illustrations, it looks like.

In the meantime, I haven't so much as downloaded BookSmart again yet, but for the moment, it's not important. In fact, even Knytt Stories ended up being not that important last night, or so playing through about half of one level in it and quitting would seem to indicate. What I did spend most of my night on, however is something very closely related to this. If you take a close look at it, you'll see a word, or, in this case, a name. The name of the main character in the game it comes from, which is the same game I mentioned wanting to map out yesterday. It's mostly easy, if a bit tedious (FCEUXD doesn't offer any option to disable just the sprites, if there's even a distinction between them and tiles in NES games...), but also carries one fairly large downside. Once you leave that house and start walking around the overworld, there are places where the path slants up or down to the next screen, but the slant doesn't end right at the corner of the screen, which would make things much easier. Instead, it ends somewhere near the middle, and once you go up (or down) to the next screen, the same incline (or decline) starts at the corner, so when copied and pasted into paint the two screens' paths don't match up, and in my case, I spend another ten minutes fixing that and trying to make everything match up. Oh, and also, the game changes to show evening and night, by dimming all unmoving objects. I haven't yet been able to work out exactly when / how it changes from day to evening, evening to night, and thereafter night to early morning (same colors as evening), and early morning to day, but it's a bit of a bother when it happens, and sure enough, last time I saved was at nighttime. Yay.

That aside though, look at this. For the first half hour or so of my day, I was in a decidedly bad mood. Didn't find what I was hoping for downstairs, and I didn't have any new emails to read and respond to, but then I started writing this, and eventually had to make a diversion over to the picture upload page. But in the process, I made a second diversion into the folder of pictures I took both before leaving for and at MFF, and had quite a large smile on my face and was in quite a different state of mind after looking at only two pictures. This one, and this one, to be specific. The former is just cute, and I'd forgotten all about them until looking through that gallery, but as for the second, all I can say (and quite literally keep saying to myself) is "I remember that! I remember that! I remember going there!" There's something odd about the wintery conditions as well. An innate longing to be back at that point in time (during winter that is), or to have the same conditions here right now. I'm going to hold off on calling it magical for now, because that sounds somewhat clichéd, but it's more than just a season. It's its own time. Its own place. It's more than just snow and ice and cold and Christmas, but I can't put it into any better words right now.

And on that note, I'm off to continue mapping things and maybe watch a new episode of The Outer Limits now that season 1 finished downloading earlier. Maybe I can be down into the mine by the time I leave for work~

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