Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

The Timing is Always Off

It would've been nice to get this cord yesterday. Then I'd have been able to try hooking it up, but no, it showed up today instead, when I have the night off, and tomorrow if I bring it in and try to use it, Brandon will probably assume it's fair game for him as well, and I'll have to explain that no, the cord is mine, and as such I will be the only one to use it. Because outside of accidentally forgetting it, I can't see being so careless as to turn my music on while there are still customers out in the dining room. Then again, having it last night might not have gone over very well, because Steve was in enough of a... mood that he probably wouldn't just ignore it. Still, I'm sorry Steve, but I cannot help the fact that these people want five different orders. That's their prerogative, shall we say, and while it is frustrating, I don't see what point slamming your fists on the counter and going on about how it's "[expletive] ridiculous" serves. At least I've taken to warning him lately. The one thing I don't understand though (and one of two things I was carrying on a conversation with myself about all the way home) is why he seems to plan to be closed early. Even if you intend do, it's your responsibility both as the manager and person making food to ensure we have enough of everything to last until 2am. That includes leaving the fryers on, because even if you think turning them off might cause one or two people to drive away, I am the one that actually has to explain the situation to them, and even if they do express understanding and seem to not mind as they drive off, that doesn't mean they won't call back tomorrow or at another point in the future to say "I wasn't happy about this."

Speaking of things to not be happy about though, Naomi today. Once again, the bank is just down the street, only five minutes away (maybe ten if you're a slow walker), so put your shoes back on, walk over there, and please get the $10 you owe me for the internet this month. I know I've said it before, but I don't have the liberty of putting things off for another day because I don't feel like doing it / them immediately, so neither should you. But also while I'm talking about her, I think that idea to get her an external hard drive for Christmas will work. Mind you I won't be going to Staples until next week or the week after, but that just leaves Adam. ~3 months should be more than enough time.

Going back to work now, or rather a bit further back than actually being there, my plans to go shopping last night were more or less a success. I didn't leave at 6:30 after all, but still had more than enough time to walk up to Bulk Barn and pick some things out there, then did indeed not stop at 7-11 on the way home, because I had plenty to eat. Mind you, I probably will go there tonight instead, but it's that specific feeling yesterday that I was after. Suddenly coming up with an idea to do something, and going through with it regardless of cost, for knowing I had enough money. Still somewhat costly considering I bought ~$15 worth of candy and Bits & Bites, but oh well. I'll get by, just like I was able to buy that air conditioner back during the summer and recover the costs eventually, as well as paying what I have thus far for everything involving my story, and still being fairly well off. I do know if I get too cocky everything will fall apart, but pushing things every now and then shouldn't make much of a difference in the end.

But as for the rest of my day off (seeing as it's 5 in the afternoon already), I have some customizations to work on now that Windows 7 has passed the point of being new and interesting into just being comfortable. I started out with a series of changes to the registry to remove various items from Explorer's navigation pane, and I think the next step will either be figuring out how to add separators to the Favorites list, or applying a custom visual style. Maybe I'll have both figured out before midnight~

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