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Everybody Else is Wrong

Or so I like to think. Firstly, go here and listen to the song. Listen to the whole thing first if you like, because it is kind of catchy, but be sure to take special notice of part(s) with the words "but as the night came 'round". All the sites I've checked online (and the lyrics display in foobar2000) say the line following that one is "I heard its lonely sound", and even though it rhymes, that can't possibly be right. Instead, I would suggest (quite forcefully) "and as the night came 'round, I heard it slowly sob", because then the next line(s) says / say "it wasn't roaring; it was weeping". Weeping. Sobbing. Get it? There's a connection, and at the risk of sounding too sure of myself, don't think the maintainers of these sites realize it. Oh, but it would help if I had the actual album and didn't just download it, because then I could consult the liner, assuming song lyrics were printed on it, but no, I just have the MP3s, and they're good enough for me. Such fussing over lyrics isn't worth the time though. I could spend literally days picking through just the MP3s I have backed up from my Zen to correct the lyrics, but spending ~5 hours fixing the tags that one night was quite enough.

That brings us over to work tonight. Before anything else they can go quite thoroughly screw themselves if they even think of calling me on Saturday, but I did agree to close tonight, and the following will detail everything about that. I got a call from Orlando around 7:30, for one. He wanted to know if I'd be willing to take his shift, because was "in a lot of pain", and I, half seeing an opportunity to try that cord I got today and the other half not wanting to seem uncaring, agreed. Looking back now, would I have done the same thing, knowing how the night would go in advance? Probably. It was only really busy up until about midnight, and after that was just a normal close, but Steve is still almost too much. Almost in a way that I can shrug or laugh most of what he does off, but I'll put the rest in a cut so I can be direct without having to worry about length.

So these people have four different orders. What do you want me to do, Steve? Tell them "The manager said you'll have to combine that all into one order or not get anything"? Do you realize how ridiculous that sounds? And then what's with kicking the cabinet doors and slamming your fists on the counter and everything else immediately after that? And better yet, what about clearing all the orders? That's an excellent display of futility, because then you have to come down to drive through, and look at the receipts there. And then grumble to yourself about how they should either place only one order or get out. You cleared the orders. That's your own fault. You know just as well as I do that customers are allowed to place as many as they want (with a theoretical limit of, say, 10 implied), and even if they did put everything on one order, you'd just carry on (seriously, I can hear him crying "Come on!" right now) about how they're ordering so much food. Yet you're all for saving them even a penny. I don't get that. You pretty much hate every single customer's guts, yet if you can see a way the order could be made cheaper, you waste no time in shouting down to whoever's ringing the order in "Change this to that!", and getting upset if they don't listen. Now, I do realize you're a manager, which means if anybody should keep an eye out for how to make things cheaper it'd be you, but it seems so out-of-place for you to do that them immediately turn around and go off about how much food they want.

Moving on though, no no no no no no no. Keep your bloody fingers off of the power buttons / switches for the fryers until we are closed. As in, closed, the garbage is in the window, I've taken my headset off, and you've started putting food away. I don't see what possible good you can see coming from turning them off early, but twice now it's resulted in me having to tell the customer "I've just been told our fryer is off so we don't have any fries. Would you like nachos, or is there anything else I can get for you?" Seriously, if you don't turn them off, I will on my way back to wash the rest of the dishes. It takes no more than five seconds. That's all. Five seconds. So drop it with this turning them off because you don't think they'll be needed. I should make a note to myself to keep my eye on them tomorrow. Of course I'll probably be on line tomorrow since Brandon is closing as well, but then for the next time we close together after that.

I'm not finished yet, however. The fryer is just the beginning of your annoying closing early. Regardless of the time - it could be half an hour before we're actually supposed to close for all I care - do not put ANYTHING away until we are CLOSED. And by closed I mean exactly what I said before. You've told me we're closed, so the garbage is in the window, and I've either taken my headset off or am just doing that. Why why why why why did you put the beef on ice before telling me we were closed tonight? Granted, I don't know how long it was on there for, but you should never ever ever ever ever be making food with ingredients that have already been allowed to cool down. I highly doubt it would result in serious consequences, but would you eat that food? Would you mind getting possibly cold beef and shredded cheese instead of nacho cheese on your nachos which were supposed to be fries but we didn't have fries because you turned the fryer off so I had to ask the customer and have them get kind of cranky with me? You weren't even going to put said nachos in the steamer (to melt the cheese) either! I had to turn the thing on and do that myself, but at least you stood by without saying a word.

And now, going back to earlier in the night, you're the manager. As such I first of all should not be the one trying to work out plans that offer the greatest benefit (said plans ended up being me taking over line for him so he could get his other manager work caught up, and Trevor (a new guy) staying until 12:30 so Steve would also have enough time to take his break (because there's no such thing as accepting that your personal comfort has to be set aside for one night)), and secondly, should not hear you respond to my asking you if that's alright with "I don't know! I don't really care, there's just too much stuff to do right now!" No Steve, and quit with the damn whining. You have two answers to choose from. "Yes" or "No". It does raise an interesting question about why I'm so willing to tell him what to do in some circumstances, but defer to him for other decisions, but either way, I should ideally not find myself in that position to begin with. Even then, what's that you were saying about there being too much to do? That would imply you can't possibly do everything by yourself, and I would agree one person can't do everything on your own, but if I can fry nachos and twists and prep trays of hard shells all while taking care of orders up front as they come in, you have no reason to complain.

In sum, grow up. I was given the same advice by somebody several years ago, and wish I could go back and both smack that person across the face hard, and tell them "You were right". I know that doesn't exactly fit into this situation very well, but look at the way you're behaving, Steve. You're older than me, but do you know any other guys your age who throw such tantrums as you do? You seem to think you're the only one being inconvenienced by people pulling in, but do you realize I'm being interrupted from washing dishes as well? There's been an influx of people I've wanted to tell off lately. Before even taking their order. Just something curt and impudent, along the lines of "Do you know how many dishes I have to wash back here? The dining room's still open. Pull around and come inside to order", but I don't. All that's going to do is create problems for me, so I take a breath, and answer them as normal, sometimes in a vaguely annoyed tone, sometimes not, but it's just as much a bother for me. Except it isn't fair or proper to say "Be more like me". Just... be more like a manager. Be somebody customers would expect to be in charge of the closing shift. The only thing keeping me from talking to Melissa about you these days is the thought of having to close with Mary far more often (in Manoah's words, I would rather die), but even that won't last forever. And yes I know there's plenty you could tell her about me too, but I'd like to think the fact that I am, by rank, a member of normal staff and you're a manager would make the difference.

And to top all of that off, I didn't even get a chance to try using that cord. Plenty of opportunities, yes, but every time I would've been able to, there was more work to be done. Dishes, or customers, and eventually sweeping the back. I repeat the entire process yet again tomorrow.

Even with all of that negative stuff though, things still went well once we closed. I stopped at 7-11 for a sub, and ended up having a brief conversation with the guy behind the counter stemming from him asking "No candies tonight?" which was kind of fun, and then caught up on everything else I needed to do at home. Washed my uniform, sent emails to three of the people I'm commissioning asking for updates, left feedback for the person I bought that MP3 player cord from on eBay, and sent messages to the other two sellers I bought my new PSP and Zen from asking them to leave feedback for me as well. I think the only downside is knowing I can't kick back and plan to do nothing tomorrow night, but I'll get by. One more shift with Steve, after which George comes back and he and I work two nights in a row, so that should be a fun change. I do need sleep though. I've caught a cold or something from an unknown person or source, which is at the point where one of my nostrils (from the back inside all the way down into my mouth) feels swollen and dry, which sucks, just as always. At least this time I have medicine, which I remember made for interesting closes before, but for the time being, a good night's sleep should prove useful, and I could probably fumble through another close after that. But I'm not complaining. Not yet. I need to go to bed first~

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