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Always With the Monotony

If I could say only one thing about today, it would be that it felt like one where I called in sick. I haven't left my room very much at all, and haven't been doing anything that requires great amounts of concentration at that. The most time consuming thing I did earlier was trying to find a certain visual style online, which I did, but only after spending about four hours on it. Turns out the thing was filed away in the general "Windows" category of the site it was on instead of "Windows 7", but I have it now, and have done naught with any of those files since downloading them but extracting the archive's contents and renaming the folders to be consistent with the rest of the visual styles I found and downloaded through searching for that specific one. But that isn't all I've done, of course, so what else is there? I renamed the entire special episodes (of Pokémon) along with doing the same for season 7 of Doctor Who, played through a couple games in the "Sirius" series of Mario hacks on my PSP, and was just generally bored. I thought of going out to 7-11, sure, but not only would that have been irresponsible of me when I'm still sick, I also still have this accursed bag of candy from Bulk Barn. Even if it's not what made me sick, the only way that particular variety of candy is good (little pucks colored red, orange, green, and yellow) is when it comes from a gumball / candy machine. That's a nice, small portion and leaves you wanting more, but having a bag that never seems to run dry quickly becomes a matter of "Oh, this is so much candy. Why did I ever buy it?" So yeah. 7-11 tomorrow, maybe, especially because George and I close, and he'll probably want to go there again.

I also spent a fair bit of time organizing my desktop and making it look somewhat decent, so the screenshot can be seen here now. It's been quite a while since I uploaded one too, so that works nicely, but on a whole, I don't think I'm going to like what changing visual styles in Windows 7 requires. I like Styler in XP. Drop the .msstyle file into the program, place the shell folder (if provided) into the folder Styler creates for that visual style, install the fonts, and you're done. No fussing about in system32, no having to restart Explorer, no having to download a program just to change the start button - things like that. Windows 7, however, requires replacing the ExplorerFrame.dll file found in system32, as well as explorer.exe found in Windows (both are folders), which are of course locked to any sort of file operations while Windows is running, then start Explorer again, followed by, in my case, reshacking the theme's shellstyle.dll file to hide the Folder Band (the bar containing the "Organize" button), then restarting Explorer once more so that change will take effect. There must be some way to automate the process, but without a batch script containing hardcoded locations, I'm not sure what alternatives there are to doing that manually. But for a couple weeks (at least) I'm done, and have but one more thing to do before I go to bed tonight so I don't have anything to do tomorrow, being responding to the person I'm getting some new icons from, since they replied earlier today. Now that I'm on the topic of commissions as well, it is Saturday once again, so here is the fourth (and final) part of my story.


... and that's it. I do feel kind of bad that the story is complete and all four parts have been posted online, but I don't have even one illustration for both myself and the author yet, but as for the story on its own, I feel this is a nice, open ending. Maybe not quite as I was thinking of it being at first though. My original plans were for me to continue climbing without letting the other person know how I felt about the situation, which would fit in better with my real life, but I'd rather not have those events reflected in a story, and this works quite well just as is. I might (several times over) liken it to the people in London who had reservations about being seen with me with my tail and ears, or I might also liken it to the reactions of everybody at work at first (everything said to me was positive, but I learned some time afterward that certain people were using it as a way to make other suppositions about me), but trying to find some way to connect the story to my real life isn't completely necessary either. It's a good story, and I like it (although I am uncertain about what to say regarding the author's using it as a platform for their opinion(s) on disability rights). At base, that's all that matters <3

I'm really losing my train of thought now though, so it's time for bed. Hopefully a sore / dry throat is all I have to worry about by the time I wake up~</div>

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