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Delayed for Another Week

It's starting to feel like they're just waiting until P2P receipting actually needs to be done to ask that I come in, and most likely brush me out the door again when it's done. I emailed Michele last night pointing out that it was October and the beginning of a new week, and the reply I received from her says "I'm heading to Provincial office this week for STAR P2P training so wait until after Thanksgiving because I'll know more the role I have to play in this new module and how much inputting needs to be done", which is exactly what I don't like. Sure, I've been doing (most of) the P2P receipting for at least four years now, so I already expect to be told "You'll do the same thing this year", but why oh why do things need to change? I know last year there was some concern about a certain spreadsheet not being filled out in addition to STAR, but the decision made back then was to not worry about it quite yet. I do realize there won't necessarily be anything stopping me from completing sizable chunks of receipts in one day once I figure out exactly what needs to be done this year and the fastest way to achieve it, but hearing that things may be changing yet again is kind of annoying. Oh, but there is a (slim) chance this P2P training she's going away for is stuff I already know. As mentioned, the receipting part of it has largely been my task alone for a fair number of years now, so it stands to reason I know things that she doesn't.

Besides, to look at it another way, I have tomorrow / Tuesday off, which is quite a relief, because while I've almost completely recovered from being sick, I'm still coughing a fair bit and my nose is somewhat plugged up, and I'd rather be all better before going back there. That doesn't mean I can't go to other places though, and at the moment, I have just one in mind. Value Village, for a couple more shirts and / or pairs of pants. I figure I've been wearing the same two shirts and single pair of pants around most of the summer, so instead of being completely boring, I'll go there to look for some new clothes. Maybe. I just don't want to spend another day off doing nothing except for being bored, but if I come up with something else I'd rather do more, then there's a fair chance of that as well. Then somewhat along the same lines, I'm also making it a point to have made this fall's first batch of those oatmeal cookies by the end of the week, just so Melissa will stop asking for them, but I need ingredients first. I could get them on Thursday, but rather like the idea of waiting a day later for that. See, Adam's supposed to be coming home this weekend, just in time for Thanksgiving, and as such, even though I work 8-close on Monday, would like to make one of those cakes again. Thursday would be the best (if not the only) time for me to pick the ingredients for that up, because I need chocolate bars, which are cheaper at Dollarama. Ingredients for cookies, on the other hand, could be collected in the same day, but skipping ahead to Friday I work only 5-9, and given the two places out at the far end of St. Clair are open until 10, I could go there. Yeah, yeah, I know if it ends up being as busy as it was last Friday I'll be asked to stay later (possibly even to close if it's anything like last weekend), but that's only why I shouldn't get my hopes up / make too-definite plans plans yet. I like the sound of them, but we'll see.

Speaking of last weekend though, right after I changed last night, Sheila asked to speak to both Manoah and I out in the dining room. Turns out she only wanted Manoah there as a witness to hear what she wanted to say to me, which was really only how they were extremely dissatisfied with our close on Friday, and wanted to hear how things went from my point of view. I'm just copying this from what I wrote last night too, so if anything repeats or jumps about, that's why.

From the time I started working until 3am when we closed, I had ten, maybe twenty minutes total to wash dishes (out of seven hours), but despite the business, more prep still should've been done.

To which I can agree, of course, we should never (as was the case that night) walk out when there's all of a single pan of hard shells in the back cabinet, but I have to ask, what else was I supposed to do? Seriously, when I say I had a mere fraction of my entire shift to wash dishes with throughout the hours we were open, I mean it. Steve went out to sit down at least once, and I noticed Brandon doing things on his phone every now and then, but I was either in drive through taking care of customers and orders, or at the back doing dishes as usual. Yeah, to be fair, there were a couple points where I walked away from the sink to make some remark to Brandon about how Steve was sitting down, but the point is I didn't take any time to rest. And even at that it took another hour and a half for me to finish all the dishes after 3. But what, you might ask, were Steve and Brandon doing in the meantime? I have no idea. Hopefully cleaning things up front, but they eventually came back and started buzzing around the sinks, trading off between removing dishes from the water and putting them away, but you know what they could - and should - have been doing? Prep. And I mean more than just one tray of hard shells. I am perfectly capable of putting the dishes away on my own, and it takes away from some of the repetitiveness of washing new pans and lids and bins and utensils and so on over and over and over, so use the free time you have to fry some nachos. Or twists. Or make up some sauces and sour cream. As in, do something instead of just standing there looking at the sinks.

Eventually we reached the point where I'd washed enough dishes that the rest could be put on the dish cart, so I instructed Brandon to do that, and asked him to scrub the floor around (and under me) when he was finished. I can only presume Steve said something to him about not bothering (I was listening to music on my Zen), because I saw him sweep, and immediately follow that up by mopping. No, for the love of everything. No no no no no, a thousand times, no. We aren't going anywhere until I finish these dishes. There's no reason you cannot scrub the floor. I don't care if you just want to get out and go home. I want to quite badly as well, but I have certain obligations to fulfill first. Obligations which don't require your help.

But this is all, to use a cliche, beating a dead horse. The close is long done. It's over with. I haven't seen Brandon or Steve since the weekend, and wouldn't even be writing about this if it hadn't been for Sheila's wanting to talk about it last night. Specifically, she wanted my side of what happened, and even though I provably have no connection to prep not being done (by all rights that's the manager's responsibility - Steve is obviously an exception, but from a formal standpoint, it's something that would have to be requested of me before becoming something I could get in trouble for not doing), I got a verbal warning / pseudo-writeup out of it. Quite frankly, I'm not concerned, because now that I know the managers and day staff will get upset with me if those things aren't done (only on nights I close, of course), will make it my business to tell Steve, George, Manoah, or whomever else "We aren't leaving until this is done", should the need arise. I don't care. The last thing I want is to work an extremely busy close, and be happy just to have gotten through it, only to come in for my next shift and be yelled at.

Ironically, the other two shifts (opening and supper) both have problems with not pulling their weight as well, but what happens if the closers say something? Mary or Melissa or Sheila will come around trying to be pacifying and talking in a soothing voice and explain that while they try, they just ~can't possibly finish all the work we'd like them to~. Give me a break. Openers: wash the carryover dishes. It's not that hard. Supper staff: make sure you do enough prep to both get us through a typically-busy night, and give the openers something to start with in the morning. I realize that may be an unreasonable demand some nights, but still, if the closers are expected to stay later to make sure things are done for the openers, why can't you lot put in an extra hour here and there without kicking up such a fuss? I think the most memorable quote about that was "The closers have all the time in the world to get stuff done. We have alot to do in the morning though, and really can't get to the dishes." Put in some extra effort then. I can't speak for anybody else, but I haven't taken a break in a very long time now. Maybe you lot should adopt the same style of working and see if you don't get more done.

All in all, Friday was a bad close already, and I'm just a little bitter to be getting in trouble for not doing something when I spent all of my time after we'd closed just trying to get one task done.

It's not a big problem, in that the solution is simple (don't take anything from anybody), but I'm tired of having to deal with this. Yes, I do kind of like how I've been given permission to boss the manager around in such cases where I know certain work should be done, but I'm still not a manager, so their only concerns with me should've been how my areas (drive through and the back) looked, and getting my side of the story. Don't take it out on me because you had a bad open.

It definitely won't do to get caught up in this state of mind just before I head out for another shift though, so I'll just be off, but not before saying I know that cord I bought works. I was able to try it last night, and took special care to put the radio back just as it had been before I started messing with the thing, so now the counting begins. How long will it be until word that I have and use a cord that allows me to play my own music through the radio? And how long will it be before I tell Melissa or whomever else "You wish" when they tell me to give it to them? I do enjoy pushing, so it's bound to happen eventually. But yeah, that'll be it. Not much planned for when I get home tonight outside of going to 7-11, but now that I have tomorrow off, I'm sure something will come to mind. Eventually~

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