Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Not a Good Idea

I should just leave right now. Just go out and look for / buy whatever, and see if my mind is any more clear by the time I come back, because at the moment there are only two things I can think of to write about, where one is kind of boring, and the other is kind of negative. But since the negative one does give me a place to start, I might as well go with that.

At one point last night I checked back for any new comments on the fourth part of my story, and saw a couple more, all in the same thread. One asked what the title was supposed to mean, and from there the commenter and the author switched off to a somewhat different topic, being what they (the commenter) would've done to one of the characters in the story if they'd been there. Then the author comes along and says "You're welcome to write it if you like! Just make sure to ask Karadur if you want to use his character in it." Setting aside the "character" reference which I've mostly chosen to overlook in this case, because everybody involved in it, me included, are characters in the story, no, you are most definitely not welcome to, and this is what I feared when being informed of how the story would be licensed. You can base all the stories you want in this world, but the people, places, and events of my story are specific to mine, and mine alone. It's really quite bothersome to see somebody say "This is how I'd have it go" when nobody asked their opinion, only to have somebody else respond to them with "Sure, go for it!" I, quite frankly, don't care what you'd do differently. Your changes would go completely against a certain part of the story's theme (a crucial part, I might add), and I will not allow that. Ultimately though, it's only as big a deal as I allow it to be. Should they choose to write their own continuation, there's plenty I could do in retaliation, and that's assuming it even comes to that. As already noted several times before, I was thinking of writing something of my own, and that could serve, among other things, as a way to sum up the thoughts and feelings expressed here.

Probably my biggest problem at the moment is how the story doesn't quite get to how I like being different, but that's something I'd prefer to handle on my own. I just have to figure out where I'd start with it first, and assuming my current plans don't change, I have a fair bit of time to decide where I want to go with it. A retelling of all events, as I loosely described before? Maybe, but would things I've already done really make for that great a story? I know that's not that simple either, but it just goes to show there are still many questions to be answered.

I most definitely don't want to be in such an offish mood all day though, so what else could I mention before I head out to shop? My plans for later this week have changed already, for one. Apparently I close on Friday and work 5-9 on Saturday instead, which could easily still work out for getting the ingredients to make cookies, but I was hoping to bring some in this weekend, and now will have to wait until next. Or rather Melissa will have to wait until next. I don't mind waiting, because with any luck the night I make cookies will end up being the same one George finally brings his external drive over here, and by that time I just might have up to season 10 of Doctor Who ready for him. His laptop isn't working at present though. Apparently it was fine until he went on vacation, and now doesn't so much as power on, so he took it to Future Shop yesterday, and that's the last thing I heard. At least he didn't ask if I knew what was wrong. It hasn't happened in a while, but trust me, the only questions of that sort I'll answer are the ones I know the solution to. Obvious things like what Manoah once asked: his printer wasn't working, but he couldn't find the USB cable to hook it up to his computer, so would that be the problem? Yeah. Other than that I've done nothing much except for renaming files recently. I started last night, and originally set out to organize the Iron Chef Japan episodes I downloaded into separate seasons, but they were incorrectly named (something that was entirely my fault), so from 1:30 to 5:30 yesterday morning, I opened every single episode and clicked around on the progress bar until I saw the screen with the information I needed. They're all renamed now, but, well, I don't yet know if I'll get to organizing them tonight. Maybe.

In the meantime though, I'm off to Value Village. I figure being out for two hours isn't unreasonable for going there, looking for things, and walking home, but I have dishes to wash after that, so I don't want to take too long. Time to go find out~

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