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Karadur Inacu 

Maybe I Over-reacted

Looking back at my previous entry, I feel decidedly bad, but still can't help asking myself "Am I not allowed to do that?" Am I not allowed to say "You may write whatever you like in this world, but the characters and events described in my story are specific to mine"? On one hand, it feels like I'm taking it far too seriously - it's just a story. The changes I go through in it are at best a representation of what changed and the choices I made in real life. Even those changes aren't a completely accurate representation of what happened in real life either. I didn't just (effectively) say "We're cool as long as you give me my space". I actually said "Being friends with people at work is fine, but anything beyond" (more personal than) "that always falls apart, so I want nothing to do with it anymore." Obviously that doesn't come into the story anywhere, but even though it's never specifically stated, it's never denied either, which is what I was going for. I'd rather write the continuation - and more specific details - on my own, if and when. But that's just one hand. The other one represents the part of me that says "There's nothing wrong with what I said." Take, for consideration, this excerpt of one of the messages in which we discussed the details of the story:

Your changes will not appear in the version published on FurAffinity or Become Your Fursona, because I don't think splitting the message in two is a good idea at all. I can include them in the version you get as a book if you like, and I can also link to your rewritten version online if you want.

The "changes" referenced here were splitting one long message at the beginning of the story into two parts. The way it was originally written, the message I sent Bree telling her I'd gone up the mountain, along with the far more detailed part telling her why, and that I was tired of my being different being seen as a weakness, were both right at the end. I was reading it as if the story officially ended before it, and the message was included simply as a way to tie things up. It seemed an interesting way to end the story on a whole, but lumping both parts together like that didn't feel right. Which is where the controversy quoted above comes from. In any case, if it's well and acceptable for them to say "I won't allow this the way you want it", then am I not allowed to say the same thing? Which is also rather the reason everything started falling apart at the end with the author. They saw something in the story that I was missing, and instead of explaining what it was and why it was so important to them, pretty much told me "I won't allow this to be compromised." Their attitude still does bother me, but it won't do dredging that up again so far after the fact. Simply put, towards the person who said they would rewrite part of the story a different way, it's already done, and while there is, in theory, nothing stopping you from still rewriting it anyway, I really hope you don't.

In sum, even though most of what I wrote here was already posted in a protected entry a while back, I've learned a lesson from this: never ever commission a story again without deciding who holds the rights to it and how it will be licensed beforehand. Better yet, never ever commission a story again, but that option is fine as well. It just means I have two instead of one <3

Moving on, it should be obvious by now that thinking about the above was on my mind for most of yesterday, but even despite that, I think the afternoon went well. Got a new shirt and pair of pants at Value Village (which would be better if those two items alone didn't cost me ~$25), and had a fairly relaxed evening upon getting home. Well, I wish I could say it was fairly relaxed, and in a sense it was because I didn't do much, but I was still in a bad mood for most of it. Fortunately, the solution (even though it may be temporary) was simple. I changed the display options for my Twitter page, and switched over to using userContent.css instead of Greasemonkey to hide certain elements. I'd been using the same background and color scheme for well past far too long, and either finding something new and different to busy myself with or just changing the colors and background alone was enough to put me back into a decent mood. Then the rest of the night after that was largely spent organizing episodes of Iron Chef Japan, and thinking about which external drive I should buy first. I still want to get one for Naomi for Christmas, but at the same time the 1TB drive I've been using for TV Shows and movies has less than 90GB of free space left. Possibly not enough to store the rest of Doctor Who, definitely not with the other series I'm downloading at the same time.

As such, I'm off to look at both external drives on Staples' site, and to find what ingredients I need for cookies. It might just be better to buy what I need for both them and cake tomorrow, but we'll see then. I don't even know what I'd need to get right now~

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