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I'm Well Aware of These Facts

People are so persistent concerning things directly of or related to my money these days. Last time I logged into Easyweb I was greeted by a message that said I hadn't used my chip card yet, and then when I woke up this morning and went downstairs, found a piece of mail from Sun Life that said I hadn't yet responded to the previous letter they sent. Evidently our entire family hasn't though, because mine was not the only envelope down there. Unfortunately, I can't do much about them aside from reading through the entire letter to see if there's any specific way I'm supposed to express my disinterest, and as for the bank, I will never use my chip card as long as the non-chip one continues to work. Not for the reasons Mom and Dad and definitely other people are (thinking the chip is a sign of the end of the world, to put it candidly), but because it's new, and for the time being the other card works perfectly fine. Yeah, yeah, the chip cards do offer improved security and all that as well, but so does paying strictly with cash. And it's not all hopeless either. Money Mart has plain old regular cards, but all thinking about that does is make me wonder how long it'll be until they "upgrade" theirs as well. Who knows?

More specifically now though, I've been having some thoughts lately. Thoughts that were prompted mostly by the topic my previous two entries were centered around, and the general idea comes down to not being happy with the way I'm acting these days. The most notable example would be toward that person who said they would rewrite part of my story a different way. Know what? If you want to, go ahead. Just please include a link back to mine along with a brief message that says the story you've written is your own personal take on the events in the original version. Something that will make the reader say "Oh, so the longer one I read before is the original, and this one here is this other person's version of what happened." I am, or was seeing things as being much too linear. As in, the part of the story in question had already been written, so it was literally impossible to change. That would constitute altering the past, and while it could be proposed that a method of time travel existed in the story, it's not only kind of a cliched idea, but also quite silly to assume that something is etched in stone when really, it hasn't even been written / printed on paper yet.

Then the other part of that is how I deal with the feelings. Over the past couple months the whole process worked itself into a place where I would be angry for a couple days, with varying levels of severity, but eventually post a protected entry in which to say "This happened, but I'm over it now", and things would go on as normal. Valid as that may be, however, it really isn't sustainable. To put it simply, I should not say anything in (relative) privacy that I wouldn't already say publicly. At least where other people are concerned. If it were a personal matter on the other hand, such as what I wrote about before regarding Adam and Trish, then yeah, that is far more sensible, but posting protected entries simply because I don't want, say, people I'm commissioning to know what I really think of the wait is not. The same sort of goes for Twitter in a sense. I changed all the settings for my page's theme because, as noted yesterday, I was getting tired of the other settings, and I do mean getting tired in the sense that I couldn't even look at it any more. See, I was using the previous settings for quite a while. For close to a couple years, I should think, during which time plenty of stuff, both good and bad happened. Of course, the bad events and experiences are much more potent than the good, so even if only on a subconscious level, every time I looked at the page I'd be reminded of those things, which obviously didn't do me any good. So now, even if I'm not following anybody and intend to keep it that way, I would like to get back to posting more regular updates on there as well, which the new, fresh settings helps with. Same goes for changing my desktop around every so often, and in the near future, if I can, finding a new theme / color scheme for my LJ here as well. Especially now that I have a better grasp of CSS and might be able to fix some of the problems I was having with other themes before.

But until then, just a few random bits and pieces. First of all, notable reactions from people at work last night. I had just finished giving one guy his food and drinks, when he stared at me for a couple seconds and said "I just realized who you are", but pulled away without another word. Then, somewhat related (or so I assume), a second, different guy came through a couple minutes later and donated a dollar to the End World Hunger thing going on right now, which meant he got to sign his name on a card which would be hung up in the dining room. He said he was from the tattoo place just down the street, and would therefore write its name instead of his, but then, with no other prompting, asked "You're the cat guy, aren't you?" Questions from there continued with him asking if I was tired of people staring at me yet, and I told him I didn't notice, after which I gave him his food and he drove away. What is it with these people? Yes, you're right, but I'm in uniform, and most of my body is blocked by the drive through window, so exactly how do you come to these assumptions? I mean, I do like it, for the same reason I like people stopping me on the street (I'm doing nothing that I consider to be out-of-the-ordinary, but am apparently recognized for it), but it's even more odd to have customers be the ones asking the questions. Secondly, I have a list of ingredients to put on my PSP now. I'm definitely going to buy everything I need to bake a cake today, and as for the cookies, probably after work on Saturday. Melissa will just have to wait another week. I don't know how much time I have left before Mom and Dad return from their running around though, so I'd better get started~

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