Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

They Can Contact Me Now

I probably should've expected this. Michele sent me a message today, saying she had returned from Toronto, but until Kit went up next week as well, there would be no point to me coming in, because it hasn't yet been determined who will be doing what part(s) of the P2P work. As such, she'll contact me as soon as things get sorted out, but for the moment, that might not be until November, or after she, the area manager, and Kit decide who will be responsible for what parts - whichever comes first. As for me, it's obviously annoying to just be kept waiting like this, but all it takes is looking back on past years to realize things really aren't that bad. Remember the first year I did P2P receipting? How it took me well into September to finish because of all my goofing off and doing things online? I made a solemn statement to myself then that I would never ever do that work again unless I was getting paid for it, but then oh, surprise surprise, as the years have gone by and I realized I can get alot more work done when I actually do the work, it became something I liked doing. It was my job, and I had enough reason to believe that even though I was the only one working on it, I was still getting it done faster than other people (or groups thereof) in different offices were. Said assumption was even confirmed last year, and I got a Bulk Barn gift card for it.

Anyway, it ultimately leaves me with more free time, and for the moment I'll take what I can get, because I need to find and buy an external drive at Staples next week, but at the same time hearing that the receipting will be a shared task now is saddening. Although even then, I'm just assuming that. Everything Michele has said so far made it sound like the work will be shared amongst several different people this year, but even so, surely I wasn't doing all of it on my own in years previous. Even right off the top of my head, there's that IRIS spreadsheet other people dealt with in years past, so maybe things have been consolidated to all be online / in Salesforce / STAR this year. It's possible, but I won't know until they need me again, which brings us right back to where I started. Then the other problem is the Christmas party. Even though it's only October, I want to go to it this year, but worry I'll be excluded from those events, because by the time they happen I'll have been back for only a month at most. Of course, you might argue that's just pessimism there but... I'll find out eventually.

In the meantime, this is the first afternoon I've had in a little while where I'll be able to go straight to other things I want to do after writing this instead of having to stare at my desktop and think about cleaning it up. All of that was done last night, but I'm not entirely happy with the way things are arranged quite yet. I just don't like having to split up the programs into separate folders for each OS, or to do the same for the small assortment of registry files I have for both XP and Windows 7, but the only alternative I can think of is adding a prefix to all the files to indicate which OS they're for, and that would look both messy and be highly redundant. As well, thanks entirely to emails from eBay, I can no longer run Gmail Backup and copy everything to an external drive without having to shorten the path name first. It's not that much of a problem, yeah, but I never had any trouble with it in XP, yet for some reason upgrading has, in that specific way, made things worse.

But instead of worrying about that, I'm off to start working on this game map again, and then maybe I'll leave for work early to deposit this check I got today. And, if I'm really lucky, see Manoah at work and get my $100 for this month as well, but I don't know yet. I will definitely see Melissa though, so at least I'll have one person to talk to~

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