Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Just Something About Tonight

I couldn't say exactly why, but all I want (more than anything else for the moment) is to go to work, do whatever is required of me, go off to take care of any running around I decide upon afterward, and then head for home with the knowledge that I don't have to work again until after Thanksgiving (technically). Which is odd because it's still only one day off, but apparently the thought of making cake and having turkey and getting things to make cookies all within the same weekend is very exciting. Although I have been telling myself lately that considering how often I think ahead to later tonight, what with going out to Real Canadian Superstore and whatnot, it'll either be really busy and I'll be asked to stay later, or I'll go out but forget some important ingredient, or something else would happen to spoil the evening. Really though, the only realistic outcome is work being busy and nothing getting done, but in such a case where they do ask me to stay later, I'll just say I want an hour break first. Not unreasonable, and it should take me slightly less time to walk out there, get what I want, and walk home again. Also, somewhat along the same lines of new and interesting events, Adam is home a day early. Apparently he arrived back in Windsor around 7am today, and then when I woke up and went downstairs for cereal, he was there in front of the computer, just as always.

Moving on to a completely different topic now, something of moderate interest happened on the way home last night. I stopped at 7-11 for a sub and some candies (no surprise there), and was rung up by one of the two guys who is usually working whenever I go there for snacks. Everything went as normal until I gave him my debit card and he somehow rang in ~$18 on the machine, so I pointed that out, and then he got all flustered, but eventually fixed the problem. After that however, he, apparently trying to go back to making random conversation, said "Can I ask you an honest question? Do you just really like cats or something?" Actually, no. He asked that before swiping my debit card, because I went on to say "Sort of", but then didn't have a chance to finish my sentence until he fixed the problem. Anyways, once that was well and good and I pushed the appropriate buttons on the PIN pad, told him "To be really specific, the actual animal is a snow leopard." Whereupon I got somewhat flustered myself (I rarely get into that much detail with people nowadays), and mumbled something about "But everybody else says 'Hey, it's the cat guy!' so I've learned to live with it." Normally that'd be it then and there, however, he went on after that, along the lines of "Oh, okay! Yeah, I like cats too, or I should say when I was a kid I used to like cats... I had a book of all the species... like, jaguar, panther, snow leopard..." (tell me you were going to say that if I hadn't said what I did) "all the species and geniuses" (yes, geniuses). Then he trailed off, but just as I was walking away piped up again with "But... snow leopard. That's a good one. I hope there are still some left too, because last I knew they were almost all gone." Which is just a bit... crazy (an obscure reference at best).

Right away, it's not the conversation I mind. It's talking about such personal things with people I only know because they work at a place I frequent that I find odd. Just something notable, at any rate, but still on the same topic, several similar things happened both on the way to and at work last night as well. First of all, on the way there a couple guys rode beside me on bikes. I swear the first one shouted "Fur power!", but I think it was Alec, so that much would make sense, and the second meowed at me. Fairly standard, and skipping ahead to work, another random girl in the drive through did the same, but only after much coaxing by her friend. Then the second group of people were, coincidentally, another couple girls, who agreed to donate a dollar to the donation-collecting thing we have going again. Once they made it to the window, I gave them a card and explained that because they donated, they could write their names on it and we'd hang it up out front, but before doing so they asked what my name was and I told them, then passed the card over and went about other business. Once they were finished I took it back, and put it in the pile without so much as a glance, but on my way back to wash dishes told Orlando "I have a feeling those people wrote something unflattering on their card" which he of course responded to by reading it out to me. I can't remember exactly what it said now, but it was something like the word "Meow" at the top, followed by "S <3 [my name]" in the space they're actually supposed to write in, then down below that, "Allie cat" (spelled exactly that way), and right at the bottom, a little paw. Yeah. People. I both love you and abhor you. Have a nice night.

Anyways, I'm now somewhat late leaving for work, so I'd better go see how fast I can shave without cutting myself, and be off. I can't picture the night going too badly, what with only working for four hours, but I'll find out shortly~

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