Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

It's Almost Like Writer's Block

Right. I've been awake for almost an hour so far today, yet am still no closer to starting anything. I might blame still being tired, because I didn't go to bed until 8am, but I slept straight through 'til 4, and aside from being fairly disoriented upon first waking up, feel quite fine. You might even say moderately excited, because I'll be making that cake tonight and taking some over to work tomorrow, but am at a loss for anything else, so I'll just start with yesterday night's events.

I'm fairly certain that at some point before 10:00 this evening, I'll be asking for a ride out to Real Canadian Superstore. I did go there after work yesterday, yeah, and bought almost everything I needed, but still left some ingredients behind. In particular, sugar and milk, both because they'd have been quite heavy to carry home, and I figured we'd have plenty already. As it turns out, we have plenty of milk but not very much sugar, and at first I was just going to put making cookies off until Wednesday or Thursday, but one of the other things I noticed out there was that they have cases of pop on sale again, but for some cents less than $4 this time. I know, I know, in complete fairness I have plenty of non-water beverages in my room (35 cans of pop, and 12 cans of iced tea), but I'm fairly confident the only reason I was up so late (or early) this morning was because I drank a can of Pepsi - as noted before, while other types of pop may be nothing but flavored, carbonated water or syrup, Pepsi has an energy drink-like effect on me, which is why I generally buy it exclusively, and only when I actually buy pop, of course. The only possible downside is a limit per customer, because an ad for Real Canadian Superstore came on the radio at work last night as well, where they mentioned something to that effect. Whatever though. Even one case will be plenty.

As for the rest of the night after that, I am fairly displeased to say it was filled mostly with frustration and extreme annoyance. The frustration came from this game I'm mapping out. There's a minigame in it wherein you're in a mine cart and have to navigate along a set of increasingly-complex tracks, avoiding both enemies and dead-ends along the way, which I have, of course, taken it upon myself to make a map of as well. Problem is, the area for said minigame is significantly larger than I remember it being. I spent about 3 hours on it last night before getting frustrated and just playing ahead to see where it finally ended, and for the moment I'm pretty close to the end, but the other problem with it is how I may have prevented myself from going any further now. See, where the overworld is concerned, I've only been mapping out areas to the right thus far, but there's plenty more to the left, which is the area where the various exits in the mine cart minigame deposit you. The problem is, only a couple screens to the left of where you begin the game (and certainly before any of the mine exits), there's a whole chicken that you can pick up, and a couple screens away, a triceratops that charges at you, until you "use" the chicken, which then flies offscreen with the dinosaur running after it. Which is all well and good on its own, but I don't have the chicken yet, nor did I bother to send the triceratops away, so if the mine cart minigame will be dropping me off after it, I may not be able to get back to where the chicken is, and thus be prevented from accessing the "right side" of the game again.

But now that I think of it some more, there's also a second minigame over on the "left side" (past the triceratops) that, when properly cleared, deposits you way, way over on the far side of the "right" half, so maybe that will still be accessible. I'll have to find out. In the meantime though, I'm off to inform Mom and / or Dad of my request for later, and then maybe I'll finish what I started last night. I should be just about there~

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