Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Such an Easy Solution

Could all of this be happening as a result of simple boredom? For most of yesterday and all the time I've been awake thus far today, my head has been filled with things I want to do, but I can never actually settle on one thing that I want to do. And I know exactly why. Going back to my previous entry, I finished mapping the minigame mentioned there, and instead of continuing on / trying to get back to where I'd started without resetting the game, completely closed the emulator, and went downstairs to ask about going out to Real Canadian Superstore, because I felt as if I needed a break. The same sentiment carried on through pretty much the entire night too - I did enough, but it wasn't until I got up to quickly clean my room that it felt like I was doing something worthwhile. The same can be said of vacuuming after that, and, to a degree, cleaning things up in uTorrent, but immediately after that I went downstairs for a bowl of cereal, and within an instant the feelings of "I'm only doing this because I'm bored. Not because I actually want to eat" came back. As for this afternoon, I want (emphasis because it's a desire I've been mostly pushing aside up to this point) to re-open FCEUXD and continue mapping things out, but instead have been sitting here being bored, thinking ahead to later tonight and tomorrow afternoon, and in such, about things I'm looking forward to doing.

But for right now, no, I'll finish this first, then go downstairs to bring my cake up to the fridge in the kitchen, and if I have enough time after that, get back to Paint and that game. Then as for those other two points in the future, I am looking forward to being at work tonight both because I promised a couple people a piece of cake, and George is also supposed to be bringing his external drive in so I can give him the new seasons of these shows I have for him. Unfortunately, it'll probably take them a fair while to copy, but I'm not going to be quite so dumb as I was last time. Once they start copying over, that's it. I won't so much as lay a finger on my laptop until the process is done, unless the screen turns off or duplicate files need to be addressed. Of course, the odds of George simply forgetting the drive are far better than anything happening, but should he not bring it in tonight, we close together again on Wednesday, and I'll find some way of making sure he remembers it then. Skipping ahead to tomorrow afternoon now, I have enough money that I might be able to buy both an external drive for Naomi and one of the games Adam wants for Christmas in the same afternoon. Truth be told, if it were just the game I planned to buy I wouldn't have to worry at all, but in order to set it apart from just normally getting a game, want to buy him the collector's edition. Said edition is ~$150 though, which is acceptable for a Christmas gift, but still somewhat ridiculous. Especially because that still leaves me to find something for myself (something I wouldn't normally buy), but unlike with Adam, Naomi, Mom and Dad, I think I stand a much better chance of coming up with some ideas of what I'd want in the remaining ~2 months <3

I think that says pretty much everything for now though, so I'm off to take this bowl down to the kitchen and get other things ready as well. I still don't know what time we'll be eating, but 5:00 seems to make the most sense. I also hope my cake turned out well, because I didn't let it cool for long enough last night causing a fair amount of the Cool Whip to melt, but I'll find out in a bit. Less than five minutes, actually, but there's no need to be so specific~

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