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Karadur Inacu 

My Cake is Very Popular

Even though it's somewhat incorrect to call it my cake (the recipe does not belong to me), I wouldn't be writing this if I hadn't made it for Thanksgiving. Before I even left for work, Mom said it was really good, and explained that she and Dad would be going to visit Aunt Patty and Uncle Rob, and presumably other members of our extended family at the same time in November. Normally that would serve as nothing more than advance notice that they'll be gone for a couple days (they'll be staying overnight), but for the moment, when we next go grocery shopping (the Thursday after this coming one), she will be buying all the ingredients for another one of the same cakes, which I will be making for them to take. I don't mind, and sure, as long as she buys the ingredients it's fun to make something that other people will eat (and enjoy), but that's not all. Skipping ahead to work now, I set five or six pieces aside to take with me, and have a little more to consider now than just knowing that everybody liked them. Somebody asked me how much it cost to make (I can't remember who), and I said all the ingredients together were about $20. Shortly after that, Orlando offhandedly asked if, should he give me $20, would I make another one of the cakes for him, and presumably his girlfriend. If you're serious, yeah, sure. Give me the money, provide some means of taking the cake home when it's ready, and it's all yours. Although if he is serious, it might be a better idea to buy all the ingredients beforehand, then show him the receipt and say "This is how much I need", because there's a fair chance everything together costs more than $20.

Aside from that though, George said it was really good (and practically inhaled his entire piece - from what I saw he didn't even take the time to chew it...), Orlando said roughly the same, and Manoah came in after going out to Smittys with his family for a couple pieces, because apparently his Mom wanted one as well. And now I suppose I should keep that in mind too, because not only do I want to hear if they liked it, but as with the bread I made before, it could be something else fun to just randomly make and bring to work on a night off to share. That is, if making cookies and possibly bread again don't satisfy that desire, but it's too early to say. Speaking of George though, he forgot. At first I wasn't surprised, and I can't honestly be angry with him for forgetting the drive, but it's still annoying to expect something of him, only to have it not turn out. Leave yourself a note. Or tell your parents to remind you. Or put the drive on your backpack when you get home, so you remember it the next time you work. Do something, because I'm growing increasingly eager to see if your drive will work with this laptop again. But he said he would make sure to bring it on Wednesday, along with making sure to check how many cups 6 ounces was. I just checked with Google on my own, and it's 0.75 cups, so as long as I remember that, we can compare answers <3

As for the rest of the night, it was decidedly worse, if only because it was a holiday. Not only am I much more... serious about not wanting to serve customers in that case, but so many other things were messed up. This is going to be somewhat specific, but when I counted my till at the beginning of the night, it was $20 short. Informing George of that led to him telling me how Sheila had neglected to turn hot line on in the morning, so they had to throw all the food out. Then they apparently left several sizeable piles of dishes from doing so, which Orlando and George ended up having to wash, and from there, well, they screwed up most of the tills (mine wasn't the only one that was short), and didn't do any prep. Which is a feat in and of itself considering only three other people worked today (not counting Orlando, George, and I). That could account for why the dishes weren't done and prep wasn't even attempted, but it's amazing how much havoc a mere three people (two of them managers) can wreak. But I got paid for seven hours, which will hopefully give me enough on my next pay to buy whatever item I don't this week (out of two external hard drives and Adam's Christmas present).

For the moment though, I'm off to tidy my room up again (just quickly) then to have a shower. After that, well, it all depends on how much time I have left~

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