Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Just About Too Real

Sometimes I worry about my dreams. I had one last night where Mom, me, and possibly other people were out driving along a fairly rural road, and came to an area where the road was mostly straight for a while, and then curved off to the left. There was something wrong with Mom though, because she kept repeating some nonsensical phrase (I can't remember what it was now), and had a look of marked ill on her face. Clammy, pale skin, wide eyes, sort of an open-mouthed frown, and so on. Anyways, we were driving along, and she said whatever phrase it was she had been repeating again, and that's when I decided that something was really wrong. I wouldn't have the chance to do anything about it though, because suddenly she started to accelerate, so fast that I could feel the car shaking, and I started getting more and more worried about her being able to turn at such a speed. Needless to say she didn't, and only made a passing attempt anyways, but the last thing I can remember of it (the dream) is / was just passing the "point of no return", and freaking out enough that I had try and wake myself up to prove that I was, in fact dreaming. And then I could also switch over to the one from yesterday night as well, but it was more of the disturbing variety, and I've been able to mostly dismiss it since then after realizing that most if not all animals (and at least big cats) do not have bones in their tails. Said realization took almost a full day to come to, but I knew there was something wrong from the moment I woke up, and that was it.

Moving onto more typical matters though, I'm thinking about what I should do later today. At very least, I have a package to go pick up from Shoppers once I finish with this, but as for the rest of the afternoon, I may not go to Staples after all, in favor of making more cookies. And that's completely setting aside what I said yesterday about not liking something the other drives' boxes said. At the moment, it's more or less not wanting to go back without having something else to definitely get. Time is limited enough this afternoon that I don't want to walk out there unless I actually know it'll be worth it. But I could get a ride, I suppose. Nothing wrong with that, and it'd give me more time to make cookies, because I have all I made the night before yesterday to George after work earlier this morning. He finally remembered to bring his drive in, and by the time everything was complete, the new files I had downloaded for him took ~2 hours to copy over, so I started with saying "Here, have some cookies", and then proposed we go to 7-11, where I bought him a Slurpee because he did the same for me before, and then we came back here, and talked about random things for the rest of the copying time. Not a bad night by my standards, but to have him here until 5am did feel kind of wrong. Oh well.

But since I think that's mostly it for this afternoon, I'm off to see about getting a ride to Staples later, then then it's out to Shoppers. The only reason I didn't get the package yesterday was because there were ~$23 worth of customs fees attached to it (which I'm still upset about - I already paid for the only item it could be), but yeah. I do have a standard delivery notice card to trade in, and should be able to pay with my debit card by actually going there. And as for the rest of the night, my plans consist solely of going to Tim Hortons at some point for a hot apple cider. Or maybe I'll finally ask if they have those candy cane hot chocolates yet. I'll decide then, and go find something more productive to do in the meantime~

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