Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Just how Work Went...

First of all, an update to what I wrote earlier. As it turned out, Shelia didn't even know I was closing, which was why she called. Right. Of all people that should know who works on certain day, the person that makes the schedule(s) is the first one.

So anyways, went in at 6, and she was right up in my face as soon as I walked in the door about how Erin's Dad died or something, and that she was trying to get a dollar from everyone, in order to buy flowers, or something to that effect. I had something like $4 with me, so I pulled a loonie out of my pocket and handed it to her. Then she had me sign a card, so I just wrote my name, then went back to see what needed to be done.

Started rotating torts, but I ended up getting sidetracked, and somehow wound up at front cash, with Eric trying to give me his headset, because I was apparently on drive through. Sure enough Ange said something about how she would be taking over it, because she didn't want to have to take down line at the end of the night, but she just wanted to sit down first.

That changed to her taking it once Glenda started. Then it changed to "Just as soon as I get the dining room cleaned up", then finally, she ended up going home because she wasn't feeling well. So I ended up getting stuck on it for the entire night. At first, I was pissed off about that, but then I took the main part of the headset out of the little pouch on the belt, and stuck it in my back pocket. That worked much better, and it felt nice to not have the thing hanging around my waist.

I spent the rest of the night getting dishes caught up, then taking down line, which was rather ironic.

Much to my delight, I have today off, then I work tomorrow, from 7 to close with Glenda and Steve, and then I have two more days off after that :D Sure, my paycheck will suck, but I'm not worried about that right yet.

There was one thing of interest involving Mark brought up tonight though. Apparently, on Friday night, line was bagged early. He ratted them out. As Ange put it, we'd all do well to be wary around Mark now, for he's Earl's eyes and ears when he's not there. What makes me even more angry about that is something that happened on Thursday night. I was back doing dishes around 1:30, and about 15 minutes went by before Earl asked me to come up and help on line. When I got up there, I found that he had it bagged already. Early, of course, and did Mark have anything to say about it? No. I don't know where he thinks sucking up is going to get him, but it's not going to work.

I'm gonna go play some more Neverwinter Nights for right now though. Downloaded it yesterday, and found some neat furry mods for it (for heads and tails), but the one complaint I have is that the heads I like all have ridiculous looking eyes :p Until I find a better head mod though, the one I've got will do for now.

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