Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Hate Making Torrents

I somewhat recognize this feeling, but that still doesn't help me to like or be okay with it anymore than before. It's that feeling of emptiness - going from doing or experiencing something different, and largely all-consuming, to either being finished with or walking away from it for my own good, and not yet having anything else to focus on. A not-too-terribly-interesting example would be Pic Pic, but in this case it's more to do with the sudden change from talking to people (be it about good or bad things) and actually having a little bit of a social life, to going back to how I was before. Except for that I'm giving additional consideration to Pidgin this time. As long as I can keep fairly detached / maintain a fair distance from the person(s) I have in my contact list, what makes it that much different from Twitter? Especially with that in MSN's case I can actually get a response on the things I say and don't always have to feel a bit weird posting a link when they either get one or no clicks. For example, last night I asked for help to see if a torrent was working, and showed off a new commission now that it's nearly finished. The commission can be seen here (now), and as for the torrent, to go off on a bit of a tangent, it's over here, or at least it should be. Unfortunately, getting it to work was another matter entirely.

I started by uploading it to Demonoid some three or four times, and each time I would see everything as it appears on any other torrent download page there, and if I clicked the "My Torrents" link up at the top of the page, would see it in my list there as well. For some reason though, uTorrent / the tracker (Demonoid's) kept giving me a "Torrent not in pool" error, and the recommended fix for that is to stop the torrent, wait for three minutes, and start it again. So I did that. Stopped, waited, possibly for longer than three minutes a couple times, and started it back up again, only to eventually see the same error message, and from there, if I went over to the torrent page or my "My Torrents" list and refreshed either, would be greeted with a "This torrent has been removed by the owner or a moderator" on one, and a blank list on the other. That took until well into the evening to finally get tired of trying, but eventually I gave up and went off to find other torrent trackers or search engines that would allow me to submit my creation (which is, by the way, season 2 of The Next Iron Chef), and happened upon Fenopy, which is where I "am" now, and will remain for as long as either my laptop or netbook continue to upload (however slowly). And also, yes, netbook. I've had one since the summer, on the same day I went out to TekSavvy to get my modem. I like it, but the keyboard takes some getting used to. Anyways, there's a problem with Fenopy. Or rather there's a problem with my internet connection / Windows 7's network or firewall settings, because at first I couldn't upload at all, except to my netbook (and that went as high as ~750kB/s), and now, while I can see several other peers am not connected to any, am getting ever closer to removing that torrent as well and just uploading all the episodes to MegaUpload or whatever other site and posting / reposting the links to however many places I feel are relevant.

In any case though, I have some other matters to get to yet today (such as the plot outline for this new story - I haven't so much as started it yet), so I will end with a (hopefully original) quote that came to mind the other night, and is something I feel is quite accurate. "The quickest way to be proven wrong is to assume you're right." Yeah. It may not be particularly relevant here, but think about it. Have you ever assumed something was right, when you didn't know for sure, only to be proven wrong? There is a certain thread of logic to it~

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